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Alone Not Lonely: 9 Expert Tips On Solo Traveling For The First Time

Travelers Today       By    Joseph Peter Capaque

Updated: May 31, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

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Bryan Hopping Emigrant Wilderness CA USA.jpg
Photo of Bryan Hopping in Emigrant Wilderness, California, United States

(Photo: OsteopathicFreak/Wikimedia Commons)

First-time solo travelers dread the worst that would happen to them if they go to unknown places. As other types of traveling, solo traveling becomes enjoyable when you prepare.

Safety First. Trust your instincts. Always be on the defense. If you can blend in with a group of travelers or family, then do it. Buy bear spray or tasers for attacks. Be assertive when you do purchases.

Always bring your valuables with you. Do not remove them out of your handbag. Always carry identification as you need this sometimes during purchases and bookings.

Share your travel itinerary to someone you trust. This is so that you can easily be tracked whenever something unexpected has happened.

Wear appropriate clothing. Carry light and practical clothes, which you can easily wash, hang and reuse. Also, research on the culture of the country you are visiting. Know the clothing restrictions and follow them.

Use travel apps to your advantage. There are a lot of free apps that you can use to make your traveling easier. Go to Google Play or the Apple Store to see which of these are useful to you.

Say no to "Single Supplement". Operators of tours, cruises and hotels always charge single travelers more. They always tell you that the room is always good for two, not one. Get a booking operator that would find another solo traveler for you to share a room with. If you don't like your partner, you can always back out.

Stay in the common areas of hostels. You can still meet friends along the way. Just know where to meet them. If you are staying at a hostel, hang out in the common areas. Chances are you will meet fellow solo travelers; you can plan activities together.

Read resources of solo traveling. Be informed. Read, read, and read. You can know more about solo traveling from Independent Traveler, Singles Travel Escapes, Singles Travel, and Solo Traveler Blog.

Document everything. The only solid thing that you can get out of your first solo travel is documentation. Write about your trips on your journal and take a lot of pictures. You can relive the experience of your first solo travel anytime.

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