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Updated: Jul 04, 2014 06:28 PM EDT

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Saudi Arabia's Iraq border covers about 800-km of the desert found between the two countries. Now, al-Arabiya television, a Saudi-owned channel, claimed that since Iraqi forces departed from its frontier, Saudi Arabia deployed 30,000 soldiers to take over the abandoned Saudi Arabia-Iraq border on Thursday, June 3.

Just last month, the Saudi Arabia Iraq border is also the site where Islamic State insurgents as well as other Sunni Muslim militants seized towns and cities in a quick advance movement, Reuters has learned.

On al-Arabiya's official website, it has noted that Saudi troops had actually fanned out into the Saudi Arabia-Iraq border following the Iraqi government forces' withdrawal from their positions, leaving the said frontier and border region exposed.

In a video shown by the channel, about 2,500 Iraqi soldiers could be seen abandoning their frontier in the desert region of the Iraqi city of Kerbaala, which is strictly reinforced by a system of fences on the Saudi Arabia side.

An officer in the video could be heard saying that the soldiers had been ordered to quit their posts at the Saudi Arabia-Iraq border without justification.

Nevertheless, the authenticity of the video recording has not been verified since its release.

Iraqi prime minister's military spokesman, Lieutenant General Qassim Atta told the press, "This is false news aimed at affecting the morale of our people and the morale of our heroic fighters."

Atta quipped that their countries frontier at the Saudi Arabia-Iraq border was "fully in the grip" of the Iraqi border soldiers.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry security spokesman, Major General Mansour Turki said, "We have not experienced any insecurity close to our border, and our border is secured and protected long before the latest events in Iraq."

On the other hand, diplomatic sources claimed that Saudi's area in the Saudi Arabia-Iraq border is relatively well defended, adding that the frontier of the country with Jordan might provide an easier route for any militants trying to enter the country from Iraq.

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