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Sturgeon with reflections

Chinese Sturgeon Extinction: Rare Sturgeons In China Going Extinct After 140 Million Years, Polluted Yangtze The Cause? [PHOTOS]

Chinese sturgeon extinction is a concern currently raised by scientists at the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (CAFS). According to multiple repor...


Tokyo Rainbow Bridge Panorama at Sunset

Japan Earthquake: Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Rattles Tokyo, Were There Injuries And Damages?

Japan earthquake which hit Tokyo late Monday night had a reported 5.6 on the Richter scale. The Japa...


Japan Earthquake 2014

Japan Earthquake 2014: Magnitude 5.6 Rocks Tokyo

Late Monday night, a magnitude 5.6 earthquake hit Tokyo. The Japan earthquake 2014 was located appro...


Blood Alley

Blood Alley Vancouver: Reportedly One Of The Most Haunted Spot in Vancouver

Halloween is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate it that hit up a famous haunted spot....



States With Rudest Drivers By Car: Idaho, Washington & New York Top The List

From the incessant honking to rude gestures, a recent survey has finally revealed the states with th...


Two bodies of British tourists were found around 6:30 a.m. on Monday morning by migrant workers from neighbouring Burma, who were employed to clean the beach.

British Tourists Murdered In Thailand: 2 Tourists Bludgeoned To Death, Found Naked On Koh Tao Beach Beach, Is Murder Weapon Garden Hoe? [PICS]

British tourists murdered in Thailand have been killed during an attack Sunday night on a beach in s...


United States Navy Carrier USS Saratoga

USS Saratoga Wreck: Best Diving Attraction In Bikini Atoll

Scuba divers travel across the world to the best diving attractions of which mostly involve ship wre...


Mickey Pool

Disney Cruises 2015: From Transatlantic Sails To Caribbean Cruises

The magic of Disney isn’t only stationary in its theme parks scattered over the globe. In fact, Di...



British Tourist Killed In Thailand 2014: Bludgeoned To Death In Koh Tao, Southern Thailand

Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches, its impressively built ruins and monuments some of whic...


Keith Urban appeared with Nicole Kidman and her father in the Swisse Celebrate Life Ball in June. The family is currently in grief after the sudden death of Dr. Antony Kidman on Friday.

Keith Urban Shares Grief With Wife Nicole Kidman As They Face Difficult Time

Keith Urban and wife Nicole Kidman are currently in grief after the actress' father suddenly passed ...


Italy, Campania, Napoli district, Capri, Faraglioni, Seascape with rocks

Isola La Gaiola: The Cursed Island In Italy

Italy is filled with beautiful tourist spots such as the impressive structures of the Leaning Tower ...


manchineel - hippomane manchinella fruit - 1-2

Manchineel Tree Florida: One Of The World's Most Dangerous Tree

Mother Nature may be the source for every human need however there are a few elements in it that are...


World's Tallest Dog 2014: Great Dane From Michigan Dies At Age Five

World's Tallest Dog 2014: Great Dane From Michigan Dies At Age Five

Considered the world’s tallest dog 2014 is a Great Dane from Michigan named Zeus. However, the wor...


reflections of sydney

Australia Terrorism Alert Level: Raised To High After 11 Years, Why Was Alert Level Raised? [VIDEO]

Australia terrorism alert level was raised from medium to high by Prime Minister Tony Abbott during ...


Rafael Nadal won his fourth Madrid Open title on Sunday after Nishikori needed a timeout to seek medical aid for his back injury.

Tennis Rumors: Rafael Nadal Back in Action Soon at Kazakhstan Invitational

Former world's no.1 and 14-time Grand Slam champ Rafael Nadal will reportedly make his return from a...


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Road trip

How to Survive Your Next Road Trip

Here are some tips on how to have a more enjoyable road trip.

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In this handout from NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory, a solar large flare erupts off the sun June 7, 2011 in space.

Solar Flares Today 2014: 'Extreme' Solar Flare Hit Earth, Aurora Borealis Friday? How Is The Earth Affected?

Solar flares today 2014 appear to be growing stronger. According to multiple reports, one of the solar flares today 2014 that erupted from the sun toward Earth are the X-Class kind, which is known to be extreme and the most dangerous kind. The flare hit the Earth yesterday and another one will be hitting the planet today, which could reportedly cause an Aurora Borealis phenomenon.

Lake Tahoe, NV, Sand Harbor (2) 9-2010

Lake Tahoe Earthquake Today: Magnitude-3.5 Earthquake Rattles Near Tahoe Vista, Calif.

Lake Tahoe earthquake today rattled near Tahoe Vista, Calif. and fortunately, it wasn’t strong to have produced injuries to residents of the area. According to multiple reports the, the Lake Tahoe earthquake today was of a magnitude 3.5.

High Gas Prices Spark Interest In Public Transportation

7 Arrested in Machete Attack Chicago Four Adults, Three Juveniles Seized over Gang-Related Train Station Assault

7 Arrested in Machete Attack Chicago - Four adults and three juveniles were taken into custody and accused of a gang-related assault captured on a surveillance video at a Chicago train station.

Diagio VIP Lounge

Delta Air Lines Flight Rerouted For Angry Lady Hit Accidentally in Head Due To Reclined Seat

A Delta Air Lines flight was diverted when a 52-year-old woman got mad when an older lady in front reclined her seat and accidentally hit her in the head.

Moxy Milan

Modern Moxy Hotels by Marriott Perfect For the Budget Traveler

Marriott’s Moxy Hotels were introduced today in Milan, Italy, offering a modern twist to the hospitality industry.

4 Students Killed In Ohio Plane Crash, CrashUnder Investigatin

Ohio Plane Crash: Killed 4 College Students As Plane Exploded, Crash Under Investigation

Ohio plane crash which occurred Monday killed four college students, including three members of the varsity wrestling team, from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, said school officials Tuesday. The four deaths from the Ohio plane crash were confirmed by police Monday evening.


Jellyfish Sting Hundreds: Jellyfish Swarm Attacks, At Least 400 Stung In Florida Beaches, Swimmers Treated

Jellyfish sting hundreds at Florida beaches over the weekend, and beach goers are growing concerned for their safety in the seas. The multiple incidents which resulted to jellyfish sting hundreds, that’s at least 400 beach goers, occurred in Volusia County, along Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach.

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