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Jellyfish sting hundreds of swimmers on Florida beaches

Jellyfish Sting Hundreds: Jellyfish Swarm Attacks, At Least 400 Stung In Florida Beaches, Swimmers Treated

Jellyfish sting hundreds at Florida beaches over the weekend, and beach goers are growing concerned for their safety in the seas. The multiple inciden...


Great White Shark Sighting In Duxbury Beach Prompts Tighter Security

Duxbury Beach Shark Sighting: Great White Shark Sighting Prompts Tighter Security, Beach Reopens After Closure [VIDEO]

Duxbury Beach shark sighting had swimmers taking caution until Tuesday, a day after a great white sh...


US surveillance flights launched over Syria after Islamic militant group beheaded an American journalist. The militant group also warned to kill more US citizens as revenge to the air strikes against their group in Iraq.

US Surveillance Flights Launched To Prepare For Air Strikes Over Syria? [VIDEO+REPORT]

US surveillance flights have been reportedly launched in Syria after the approval of President Barac...


Huge plumes of methane are leaking off of the U.S. Atlantic Coast

Methane Plumes Off The Coast: 'Widespread Methane Leakage' Off US Coast, Atlantic Floor, How Is It Linked To Climate Change?

Methane plumes off the coast was once incomprehensible and unthought-of, but now a team of researche...


Lawn Painting

Drought California Lawns [PHOTOS +VIDEO] How Do Residents Conserve Water Amid Crisis?

Drought California lawns - Local residents from different communities have discovered several creati...


Damages in buildings and other properties were noted as a result of the magnitude 6.0 earthquake that struck northern California.

Strong Earthquake Hits the Northern Part of California [VIDEO+REPORT]

An earthquake shook the northern part of California on the early Sunday morning resulting to several...


Wiz Khalifa's concert with Atlanta hip hop artist Jeezy has been rescheduled following a shooting incident.

Man Shot To Death At Wiz Khalifa and Atlanta's Jeezy Concert [VIDEO+REPORT]

Wiz Khalifa's concert with Atlanta hip hop artist Jeezy in California was supposed to entertain peop...


Jodi Arias awaits sentencing for her crime. She murdered her former boyfriend Travis Alexander by stabbing him to death for nearly 30 times and even slit his throat.

Jodi Arias Awaits Sentencing For The Murder of Former Boyfriend Travis Alexander, Will She Receive Death Penalty or Life Imprisonment?

Jodi Arias sentencing is moved from its original date of September 8 to September 29 of this year.


Giant crack in northern Mexico being investigated

Giant Crack In Mexico: Mysterious Earth Crack In Northern Mexico Raises Fears, Linked To Earthquake? [VIDEO]

Giant crack in Mexico taken via drone last week showed incredible footage which left some scientists...


Suicide tourism has doubled in Switzerland since 2009

Suicide Tourism In Switzerland: Booming Industry, Doubled Since 2009, Causes Heated Debate

Suicide tourism in Switzerland is apparently now a booming industry. According to multiple reports, ...


A subglacial lake 2,600 feet below the Antarctic Ice Sheet is teeming with life

Subglacial Lake Life In Antarctic: Suggests Possible Life In Space? Amazing Ecosystem Found 800 Meters Deep In Lake Whillians [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Subglacial lake life in Antarctic had once been unprecedented, but now biologists have confirmed ext...


Katy Perry Sailor

Where Does Katy Perry Like to Vacation?

It's no secret that Katy Perry is probably the most successful recording artist at the moment. To re...


Red flags over green energy: Birds are igniting midair due to solar power plant?

Birds Igniting In California: Birds Set On Fire In Midair, Falls To Their Death In Plumes Of Smoke, What Is Incinerating These Birds?

Birds igniting in California in mid-flight and falling dead from the sky are the horrendous side eff...


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Travel Tips


The End of Summer is Not the End of Travel: Top Fall Destinations

The end of summer is a hard realization to encounter. It means school is back in session, the weather will soon get colder, and beaches/pools will soon close. Where is the fun in all that?

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Military jets escort Qatar Airways plane to Manchester Airport after passenger bomb hoax

Qatar Airways Flight QR23: 'Hoax Bomb Threat' Had Plane Escorted By Military Jets, Passenger Arrested

Qatar Airways flight QR23 has been escorted by military jets Tuesday after a man was accused of making a hoax bomb threat. Due to the ‘hoax’, concerns were raised about Qatar Airways flight QR23, reports The Daily Mail.

Three-Year-Old Karina Chikitova Saved By Her Puppy

Puppy Saves Girl In Siberian Forest: 3-Year-Old Lost For 11 Days, How Was She Saved By Her Puppy?

Puppy saves girl in Siberian forest may be hard to imagine, but this story did recently happen to a three-year-old who went missing for 11 days. The story of puppy saves girl in Siberian forest happened when the girl went missing inside the Siberian forest, and 11 days later, her dog was able to lead rescuers to her location.

Three Bodies Found By Helicopter In Mt Rainier

Rainier Bodies: Three Bodies Found By Helicopter, From Climbers Who Went Missing In May? Officials Still Searching For Other Bodies In Mt Rainier

Rainier bodies recently found have been spotted on the Washington Mountain, in an area not far from where six hikers disappeared and were thought to have perished earlier this year. On Tuesday, Spokeswoman Patti Wold for Mount Rainier National Park said the Rainier bodies found were recently discovered during recent training flights.

Taser Gun

Mom Sues After 8 Year Old Tased By Police: South Dakota

Mom sues after 8 year old tased by police is a story which is currently causing major debates and concern this weekend. According to The Inquisitr, the story of mom sues after 8 year old tased by police began after a babysitter called 911, since the child grabbed a knife and obviously threatened to harm herself.

Rare whale fossil recovered by search-and-rescue team in LA

Rare Whale Fossil: 16M Years Old, Recovered In California Backyard By Search And Rescue Crews

Rare whale fossil found Friday at about 9:30 a.m. was oddly, recovered by a 10-member search-and-rescue team typically dispatched for recovery operations. The rare whale fossil was recovered on a rock in Rancho Palos Verdes, 500 square miles along the Angeles Crest Highway.

Passenger dies while on board United Airlines flight to Houston

Passenger Dies On United Airlines Flight To Houston: Did Ebola Virus Cause This?

Passenger dies on United Airlines flight to Houston on Tuesday around 9 pm. According to the Houston police, the in-flight death was officially announced at the Bush Intercontinental Airport about 11 pm, 2 hours after the death occurred. Apparently, the passenger dies on United Airlines flight to Houston as he collapsed in the plane’s aisle.

Nationwide Fruit Recall Expands, Including Organic, Listeria Infected Packaging Feared

Fruit Recall: Thousands of Listeria-Infected Fruits Recalled By California Company, Consumers Advised To Check Fruit Labels Before Purchase

Fruit recall expands and U.S. consumers are advised to check carefully labels on fruits before purchase. As fruit recall expands with a Central California company, fruits such as fresh peaches, plums, nectarines and pluots sold in the U.S. are requiring extra caution before purchase due to concerns over possible listeria contamination.

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