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Carnival Cruise Ship at Galveston Port

Ebola Cruise Ship: Passengers Still Concerned Despite Ebola Ruled Out, Carnival Magic Cruise Arrived In Texas With Health Worker Monitored For Ebola

The Ebola cruise ship wasn’t in any real danger after results of an Ebola test for one of its passengers came back negative. The CDC announced an ac...


Satellite To Measure Greenhouse Gas Prepared For July 1 Launch

Mystery Plane Returns: X-37B Aircraft Lands At Vandenberg Air Force Base In Southern California, Conspiracy Theories Regarding Plane Ensue

Mystery plane returns – A US top secret plane has landed on the coast of California after orbiting...


Colorado Community Mourns In Aftermath Of Deadly Movie Theater Shooting

Rocky Ford Colorado Shooting: Dozens Protest Following Deadly Shooting, Police Officer Sent On Paid Leave

Rocky Ford Colorado shooting – Over a hundred people have took to the streets in Rocky Ford follow...


Annual Heavyweight Pumpkin Contest Held In Half Moon Bay

Pumpkin Fest Arrests: New Hampshire Festival Goes Chaotic, 49 Arrests And 30 Injuries Reported, What Went Wrong At Pumpkin Fest?

Pumpkin Fest arrests – In New Hampshire, a pumpkin festival went totally out of hand. On the weeke...


Japan is set to launch its first ever airline in cooperation with Mitsubishi. The regional jets are scheduled for a 2015 test flights while the orders are expected to arrive in 2017.

Mitsubishi Regional Jet Makes History in Japan; Orders Reaches More Than 300

Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) orders are expected to arrive after Japan showed off its first-ever ai...



Cure For Ebola Found: Canada To Ship 800 Vials of Experimental Vaccine, China Claims To Have Found Cure

Cure for Ebola found – Canada is reported to send out 800 vials of an experimental drug set out to...


France started its Ebola screening in the airport for travelers from Guinea as the death toll and number of infected persons increase.

France Starts Ebola Screening For Guinea Air Passengers As Death Toll Rises

Ebola screening of air passengers from Guinea begins in France on Saturday as the virus continues to...


ISIS are reportedly flying warplanes according to a recent unverified report while the U.S. military force continues to launch airstrikes against the group of militants.

ISIS Militants Advances Force by Flying Warplanes [VIDEO+REPORT]

ISIS fighters are now flying warplanes with the help of Iraqi pilots who allegedly joined the milita...


Caribbean Princess, Dublin Port

Ebola-Risk Hospital Worker Boards Caribbean Cruise Ship; U.S. Officials To Limit Their Public Appearances

An Ebola-risk health care worker boarding a cruise ship is being isolated despite not showing any si...


CDC is rethinking of their approach towards the Ebola virus while staying positive that the virus can be transmitted through direct contact. New rumors suggest that the virus is airborne after two Dallas nurses became infected despite of wearing their pro

CDC To Modify Approach in Ebola Infection As Virus Becomes Airborne

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the U.S. is trying to reconsider its approach to...


BBC Television Centre

China Blocks BBC News: BBC News Accused Of Inaccurate Reports, China's Deliberate Censorship, How Is China Blocking BBC News?

China blocks BBC News as the foreign news agency is allegedly sending out inaccurate reports about t...


Update reveals that Nigeria will soon be Ebola-free after no new cases have been recorded.

Ebola Update: Nigeria Reveals Success in Containing Ebola Virus [VIDEO+REPORT]

Ebola update reveals that Nigeria is able to contain the virus spread after no new cases have been d...


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Prince Edward Island, Canada

Fall Cruises: Better Than Land Tours? It Gives Guests ‘A European Experience Without Leaving North America’

Fall cruises for foliage in the northeast are now becoming more and more popular as each year goes by. The foliage that is part of the tour is unlike any other place in the country. In fact, more guests are even paying good money to cruise the rivers, as well as the oceans, in order to peep leaves instead of having to brave today’s highly crowded roads and hotels on land.

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Brazil is currently treating and monitoring its first suspected case of Ebola. A 47 year-old man from Guinea reportedly manifest fever withing the 21 day-incubation period of the virus.

Brazil Confirms First Suspected Ebola Case

Brazil treats its first ever suspected case of Ebola while waiting for the results of a blood test which is due to be released on Saturday.

Ebola Press Conference Boston Logan Airport

Ebola In Boston: Two Ebola Mass. Scares Raises Fears Despite Braintree Patient Declared Not At Risk, What Is The Different Types Of Ebola Risks?

Fears over Ebola in Boston have heightened after two Massachusetts scares flared up over the Columbus Day weekend. Raised concerns over Ebola in Boston have since prompted holiday press conferences and reverse 911 calls to reassure the public.

American Airlines jet landing at DCA

American Airlines Flight Depressurized Due To Cracks In Cabin Walls; Plane Had Emergency Landing

American Airlines had to have an emergency landing after its cabin walls started to break apart as its passengers, absolutely terrified, had no choice but to look on and shout for help. One of the passengers, James Wilson, said that he felt something was wrong when the fuselage started to shake violently and heard some popping noises outside the plane.

Tropical Storm Ana 2014

Tropical Storm Ana 2014: Hurricane Watch May Be Required In Hawaiian Islands Because Of Strong Intensity Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm Ana 2014 - The new tropical storm named Ana is currently getting stronger and stronger with maximum sustained winds at 70 mph or 110 km/h and it is expected to hit the main Hawaiian islands on Wednesday, KHON2 first reported.

Mount Sinabung spews pyroclastic smoke, seen from Tiga Pancur village on February 12, 2014 in Karo District, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Mount Sinabung Eruption 2014: Hauntingly Beautiful Lava And Ash Prompts Evacuations, Eruption Reaches Fourth Successive Day

A Mount Sinabung eruption 2014 occurred Friday, with the volcano spewing tons of molten lava and ash, captured in hauntingly beautiful photos. The initial Mount Sinabung eruption 2014 for the month, the latest in a recent set of eruptions of the Indonesian volcano took place Wednesday afternoon.

Protests Continue Over Police Shooting Of Michael Brown

Teen Shot St. Louis: Protests Ensue After Second Case Of White Cop Shooting Black Teen, Michael Brown Incident All Over Again?

Teen shot St. Louis – Another case of a white cop shooting a black teen dead has been reported. Following the death of Michael Brown, an 18-year old black kid was shot fatally by a white cop who was reportedly off-duty. Protests have already ensued after the incident of the teen shot St. Louis.

happy labradoodle

Labradoodle Gracie 200 Foot Fall: Dog Survives Terrifying Fall From Oregon Cliff

Labradoodle Gracie 200 foot fall - a miraculous thing happened to Michelle Simmons' pet dog, a Labradoodle named Gracie, Monday morning when it fell down a 200-foot Oregon cliff but managed to survive.

Painted Desert

Petrified Forest National Park Discovery In Arizona Reveals Second Ancient Basket-Maker Village: Report

Petrified Forest National Park's latest discovery of archaeologists suggests that another ancient basket-maker village had lived in the said area of Arizona.

The Glamburger

The World's Most Expensive Burger Is Not Found In Las Vegas But In Chelsea England; Will You Spend $1,770 To Grab A Bite Of This Burger?

The world's most expensive burger is sadly not found in Las Vegas. Instead, it can be bought from Honky Tonk, an American cuisine restaurant situated in Chelsea, England, Bustle has learned.

Afghanistan gang rape executions

Afghanistan Gang Rape Executions Killed Four Convicted Rapists; Death Penalty Signed By Former President Hamid Karzai Before Leaving Office

Afghanistan gang rape executions have now left five Afghan men, who have been convicted, executed. These men have been convicted of gang-raping four women and their case outraged the nation.

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