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Havana airport, Cuba

Travel To Cuba May Change; Local Travel Agents Are Keeping An Eye On Cuba

President Barack Obama's announcement does not mean travelers can book a vacation to Cuba, yet the likelihood of American tourism on the island has ne...


Amazon introduces Prime Now

Amazon Launches Prime Now-- A One-Hour Delivery Service For Prime Members

Amazon today propelled Prime Now, another one-hour conveyance benefit that offers Prime parts an app...


Ai Weiwei On Alcatraz Exhibit Focuses On Human Rights

Alcatraz Escapees Found Alive According To Reports: Fact Or Fiction?

Alcatraz escapees found alive - Prisoners who had reportedly escaped Alcatraz in the year 1962 are s...



Toronto Man Finds A Lady Named Elizabeth Gallagher To Travel The World With Him

A Toronto man who left on a crosscountry scan for a lady named Elizabeth Gallagher to tackle a trek ...


'Love, Rosie' Premiere In Tokyo

Lily Collins Instagram: 'Mortal Instruments' Actress Takes Over Tokyo In Recent Posts

Lily Collins Instagram has been completely wild this past weeks. The “Mortal Instruments” actres...


Pan Am Games

Pan Am Travel Costs Are Being Watched

TO2015 appraises that airfare alone cost some $500,000 for as far back as four years. Yet pundits sa...


Polar Vortex Weather System Brings Artic Temperatures Across Wide Swath Of U.S.

Denmark Owns North Pole, Country Added To List Of North Pole's Alleged Rightful Owner

Denmark owns North Pole – The latest in the bizarre news around the world is on the country Denmar...


Seven Shooting Victims Found Dead In Texas Apartment

PA School Shooting Suspect On The Loose, Six Confirmed Dead, Manhunt Underway

PA School Shooting Suspect – The suspect behind the school shooting in Philadelphia is now being h...


Condé Nast

Travel: Conde Nast Traveller Introduces Their New Conde Nast Traveller Luxury Travel Fair

Condé Nast Traveler Luxury Travel Fair - an occasion devoted to all parts of extravagance tourism -...


Greg Caplan plans to shepherd 100 people around the world for a year

Travel: Greg Caplan Planning To Shepherd 100 People Around The World For A Year

At the point when Greg Caplan got the tingle to venture to the far corners of the planet, he began b...


Protesters Gather For Million Mask March

Millions March NYC: Thousands March Against Police Brutality, Hashtag #BlackLivesMatter Trends On Twitter

Millions March NYC – Thousands of American citizens took part in the Millions March held in New Yo...


Hublot Haute Living Party

Miley Cyrus Hospitalized In Kansas City Incident Repeats, 'Bangerz' Singer Hospitalized Again, Posts Photo Of Wrist Surgery On Instagram

Miley Cyrus Hospitalized In Kansas City – Early in April this year, the “Bangerz” singer was h...


Charlottesville, Virginia In The Shadow Of Possible Serial Killer

Serial Killer Caught: Brazilian Citizen Killed 'For Fun', Reportedly Killed 42 People, How Was He Caught?

Serial killer caught – A Brazilian citizen has reportedly been caught by authorities after he had ...


Disney And Mickey

Lost Disney Film Found: Oswald The Lucky Rabbit Film Of The Year 1927 Found In Norway

Lost Disney film found – Long before Mickey Mouse became an iconic Disney character cartoon, there...


Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Duke of Cambridge Prince William Officially Visits Birmingham Homeless Charity And National Arboretum

Prince William swapped the marvelousness and style of his New York visit for an all the more sensibl...


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Travel Tips


What to Look for in the Best Hostel Deals

A frugal traveler knows not only how to book the cheapest flights but also how to find the best hostel deals in town. It is easy to grab the first hotel accommodation you spot upon arrival especially if you are not familiar with the area. But with a few research prior to your travel, you can spare yourself from the hassle of false advertisement and unnecessary expenses.

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Vladimir Putin

India 10 Nuclear Reactors To Be Realised With Help, Support From Russian President Vladimir Putin: Report

Vladimir Putin has promised India that he will help build 10 nuclear reactors in the Asian country.

Fire At Crathorne Hall

9 Dead House Fire Incident In Kentucky Repeats, 4 Dead 5 Escape From Connecticut House Fire

9 dead house fire incident in Kentucky was reported early in the year. However, it looks like history has repeated itself before the end of the year. Another family has been involved in a tragic house fire killing four whereas five miraculously escape.

Phoenicids Meteor Shower observed for the first time in 58 years

Phoenicids Meteor Shower: First Spectacular Sighting After 58 Years

Phoenicids Meteor Shower – The historical meteor shower was finally recorded by a team of Japanese experts over the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in 58 years. The Phoenicids Meteor Shower was first discovered by a Japanese Antarctic expedition in 1956.

Police Chief Chris Magnus Joins Protest Against Police Brutality

Police Chief Chris Magnus Protests Against Police Violence Gets Attention From Public

Police Chief Chris Magnus is protesting against police violence and he may be sending a clear message to all. On Tuesday, Police Chief Chris Magnus protested alongside the many people who have gathered at MacDonald Avenue at 41st Street, echoing their call for authorities to stop using violence in communities of color.

California Storm Strongest In 5 Years Causes

California Storm: Updates, Strongest In 5 Years Causes Power Outage, Flooding, Severe Damage, Ends Drought But Won't Restore Reservoirs?

The powerful California storm that struck its Northern region Thursday is has caused power outages to to tens of thousands, as well as soaked the region with much-needed rain, albeit flooding, reports the Associated Press. While the California storm may have ended the most intense drought California has seen, it is reportedly not enough to restore the state’s reservoirs.

Check out the beaches in Darwin for some adventure.

Sunshine Destination for the Holidays: Darwin, Australia

If you are tired of shoveling snow or just sick of the cold, maybe it is time to think about spending the holidays somewhere warm. Darwin is a small town in Northern Australia that offers beaches, culture, and best of all 90 degree temperatures.

the Northern Lights

Why Iceland Is The Perfect Place for Adventurers of All Levels

We all like to go adventures now and then. Some of us are intrepid travelers ready for anything, while some of us prefer a place with a little less uncertainty. Iceland is different enough to provide the thrill and adventure we all seek, but is familiar enough to not scare people away.

Canadian Flag

Canada Poultry Imports To US Suspended Because Of Bird Flu, Says US Department Of Agriculture Chief Veterinary Officer

Canadian poultry imports to the United States have been suspended because of the ongoing bird flu outbreak that has already led to the isolation of five farms in Canada.

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