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2004 Teen Choice Awards - Show

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Real: Reliving The Real Life Horror This Halloween

Texas chainsaw massacre real – This Halloween, what better way to celebrate the spooks than to talk about the chilling events in the past glamourize...


A man from North Carolina who tried to join ISIS pleads guilty over terrorism charges.

North Carolina Man Who Tried To Join ISIS Pleads Guilty Over Terrorism Charges [VIDEO+REPORT]

A man from North Carolina who tried to join the ISIS pleads guilty over terrorism charges on Thursda...


Fireball Whiskey Drinks

Fireball Whiskey Drinks: Whiskey Recalled In Europe Over Antifreeze Ingredient, What Is Propylene Glycol?

Fireball whiskey drinks have been recalled and pulled out of shelves across Europe due to one ingred...


Rocket Explodes Over Texas

Rocket Explodes Over Texas: Antares Rocket Contained Science Projects Meant For The International Space Station, What Led To Explosion?

Rocket explodes over Texas – The Antares rocket contained food supplies and a number of science pr...


Moon Bear Rescue Centre In Chengdu

Forest Service Bear Selfie: Officials Warn Tourists To Stop Taking #Selfies With Bears, South Lake Tahoe Could Close Down Due To 'Bear Selfies'

Forest service bear selfie – Apparently, common sense is lacking in a few tourists who have come a...


A man from North Carolina who tried to join ISIS pleads guilty over terrorism charges.

ISIS Latest News Update: Kurdish Fighters From Iraq Travels To Kobani

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) update states that one of its controlled cities will receive ...


World's Most Complete Mammoth On Display At The Natural History Museum

Woolly Mammoth Found: 38,000 Year Old Mammoth On Display In Moscow, Cloning Reportedly Possible, Where Was It Found?

Woolly mammoth found – A 38,000 year old woolly mammoth found in the north region of Russia in the...


Lava flow from Kilauea volcano threatens residents of Hawaii Big Island's Pahoa village.

Hawaii’s Big Island Volcano Update: Pahoa Residents To Evacuate Homes As Lava Flow Gets Near [VIDEO+REPORT]

Kilauea volcano's eruption in Hawaii's Big Island continues to threaten more residential properties ...


The Surviving Winton Children Commemorate Their War Time Evacuation

Sir Nicholas Winton Czech Honor: Named Britain's Schindler, Receives Order Of The White Lion For Selfless Act Of Saving 650 Refugees

Sir Nicholas Winton Czech honor – At the age of 105, Sir Nicholas Winton of the United Kingdom man...


Ju Peng, Chinese student offering sex with men to fund her travels

Chinese Woman Offers Sex For Travel, Lambasted, ‘Bedsurfing’ Called Prostitution

A 19-year-old female backpacker from Shanghai, China named Ju Peng has been lambasted, after she pos...


Doctor Quarantined At NYC's Bellevue Hospital After Showing Symptoms Of Ebola

Ebola Conspiracy New World Order: Ebola Outbreak Engineered For Population Control, Travel Bans And Martial Law?

Ebola Conspiracy New World Order – Following the number of deaths and not to mention the continuou...


Circus Krone Berlin Premiere

France Clowns Arrested After Chasing People With Knives, 'American Horror Story' Evil Clown Twisty To Blame?

France clowns – On Saturday, 14 arrests have been made by French police authorities. These 14 arre...


Dallas Airport Drunk Attack

Dallas Airport Drunk Attack: Drunk Man Attacks Passenger In Pink Shirt, Bystanders Stop Homophobic Attack

Dallas Airport drunk attack – What could have been just another day at the airport turned out to b...


Polar Vortex Weather System Brings Artic Temperatures Across Wide Swath Of U.S.

New Orleans Abandoned Boy: One Year Old Child Abandoned In Stroller, Mother Left Child On Purpose?

New Orleans abandoned boy – A one year old boy was found by police on the streets of New Orleans. ...


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Lake Tahoe, NV, Sand Harbor (2) 9-2010

5 Ways to Have a More Active Vacation

For those of us who like to live an active lifestyle here are some tips for staying active while you're on vacation where it can be very difficult.

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Canada Hit-And-Run Attack Perpetrator 'Radicalized?' Authorities Cite Similar Case Last Year As Basis

The Canada hit-and-run attack suspect, who was killed by the authorities after a long chase, is now believed to have been "radicalized" because of the on-going terrorism in the country.

Eric Matthew Frein

Pennsylvania Man Hunt: Schools Close As Man Hunt Drags On, Eric Frein Spotted In Close Proximity To Schools, Children Unsafe With Man Hunt Ongoing?

Pennsylvania man hunt of Eric Frein has dragged on to its’ second month. Frein is wanted for the murder of a state trooper, Cpl. Bryon Dickson, last Sept. 12. Named as “extremely dangerous” by Pennsylvania authorities, Frein has already been added to FBI’s most wanted fugitives.

ISIS Militants In Syria

Denver Girls ISIS: FBI Reviewing Evidence Against Three Girls Believed To Be Heading To Syria To Join Islamic State Militants: Report

Denver Girls ISIS - At least three girls from Denver have been denied their right to travel after authorities found out that they were heading to Syria via Turkey. The FBI is looking into evidence that could prove the girls' intention of joining the Islamic State militants.

Caribbean Princess, Dublin Port

Ebola-Risk Hospital Worker Boards Caribbean Cruise Ship; U.S. Officials To Limit Their Public Appearances

An Ebola-risk health care worker boarding a cruise ship is being isolated despite not showing any signs and symptoms of the deadly disease while U.S. officials asked the health workers exposed to the Ebola infected patients to limit public appearances.

Defective Takata airbags prompted the recall of about 247,000 Toyota model vehicles.

Takata Airbag Recall 2014: Toyota Withdraw Models For Defective Inflators

Takata airbag defect prompts the recall of several Toyota Motor Corp models in the United States on Monday.


Cure For Ebola Found: Canada To Ship 800 Vials of Experimental Vaccine, China Claims To Have Found Cure

Cure for Ebola found – Canada is reported to send out 800 vials of an experimental drug set out to cure the Ebola outbreak. The cure for Ebola found is an experimental drug named VSV-EBOV. All 800 vials had been tested on primates and showed positive results.

California Drought Map

California Drought Map Reveals 58% Of State Suffers Deficiency Of Water Supply Amid Imminent Winter Season

California's drought map still shows an alarming phenomenon at the Golden State wherein 58% of the area is suffering from deficiency of water supply, be it atmospheric, surface or ground water.

Daniela Poggiali

Nurse Kills 38 Patients Because She Got Annoyed; Co-Workers Say Italian Nurse Daniela Poggiali Is 'Cynical And Vindictive'

Nurse Kills 38 Patients - Italian nurse Daniela Poggiali is one healthcare professional you should be wary of if ever you get confined in a hospital in Italy. For one thing, she is notorious for killing up to 38 patients after she got completely annoyed of them or of their families.

Cattle Return From Alpine Summer Grazing

World's Tallest Cattle Found In Illinois, How Tall Is Blosom The Cow?

World’s tallest cattle is found in Illinois. Owned by Patty Hanson, Blosom the cow has been named Guinness World Records’ tallest cow. How big and tall exactly is Blosom?

Grizzly Bear

Man, 56, Attacked By Bear Shot Accidentally By Hunting Partner Who Tried To Save Him From The Beast

A man attacked by bear was shot by his friend while the latter was attempting to spare him from the brutal attack of the beast.

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