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A growing tension seemed to appear between Kremlin and U.S. leader Barcak Obama after a sanction is being pursued against Russia.

Who is More Manly Between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama? Kremlin’s Rogozin Mocks U.S. President in Twitter [VIDEO+PHOTOS]

Kremlin seems to go way too far as it mocks Obama in a recent tweet on Thursday which seemed to question the U.S. president's manly image.


California drought just broke another record

California Record Drought: 'Exceptional Drought' Hits 58 Percent Of California, Driest Season Ever [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

California record drought has reportedly already hit 58 percent of the state. That California record...


Another skydiver dies Wednesday in San Diego, Possible Suicide Investigated

Skydiver Dies In San Diego: Committed Suicide? Depressed With Divorce, Skydiver Deactivates Ripcord [VIDEO]

Skydiver dies in San Diego Wednesday morning in the East County after he got killed during one of hi...


Ebola outbreak in Africa now deadliest recorded in history

Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever: Facts, Cure Being Developed? Deadliest Outbreak In History Happening Now [PHOTOS + REPORT]

Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever is currently taking the world by storm, and it is certainly no small issue. ...


Charles Mozdir was killed during the New York City shooting incident on Monday.

New York City Shooting News: 3 Wounded, 1 Killed [VIDEO+REPORT]

Three authorities have been wounded during the New York City shooting incident which took place on M...


Chagas disease can be transferred from mother to infant

Chagas In US: Deadly ‘Kissing Bug’ Disease Threatens US, Infects 300,000 In US, 8M In World [PHOTOS + REPORT]

Chagas in US, of which is spread and caused by the deadly “kissing bug”, is threatening the coun...


Revere Ma Tornado 120 Mph Winds Destroys City

Revere Ma Tornado: 120 Mph Winds Destroys Revere, Zero Dead, Minor Injuries Reported [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Revere Ma tornado hit the city, north of Boston Monday morning, reports Fox CT. The rare Revere Ma t...


Pakistani women killed after making a blasphemous post.

Pakistani Women Killed After A Facebook Blasphemous Post [VIDEO+REPORT]

Pakistani group of people reportedly killed women consisting an older one along with her younger gra...


Selena Gomez Instagram post over the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Zayn Malik and Other Celebrities Receive Backlash from Fans Over Instagram Controversial Posts [PHOTOS]

After Zayn Malik's Instagram account went back to public recently, it has dragged the singer into a ...


Crash site of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 News: Bodies of Victims Being Retrieved From the Crash Site as Investigation Continues [VIDEO+REPORT]

Malaysia Airlines MH 17 sudden shut down has caused immense sorrow and an amount of anger to the fam...


Fabian Cousteau is back on dry land after a 31-day underwater mission

Man Who Lived Underwater For 31 Days: Fabien Cousteau Survived 31 Days Without Sunlight, How Did He Survive? [PICS + VIDEO]

Man who lived underwater for 31 days, Fabien Cousteau, might just be one of the bravest in the world...


China river turns red on thursday.

China Red River News Mystery: Hoax or Sign of Apocalypse? [PHOTOS]

China's river mysteriously gone red on early Thursday morning resulting to mixed reactions while fea...


Two military aircraft arrived in Netherlands carrying the dead bodies from the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

Number of Bodies From Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Arrives in The Netherlands [VIDEO+REPORT]

A week after Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has been reportedly shot down by a missile; some of the d...


Israeli soccer players have been attacked by pro-Gaza protesters during their match.

Israeli Soccer Players Attacked Over Gaza Conflict [PHOTOS]

Israeli players have been attacked by protesters on Wednesday while having friendly match in Austria...


Recent evidence shows shrapnel like shots at the remains of the Malaysia Airlines flight 17.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 News Update: New Evidence Surface as the Investigation Continues [VIDEO+REPORT]

After the ill fate of Malaysia Airlines flight 17, authorities have discovered a very crucial eviden...


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Forest Picture North West

Magnificent Hikes in Western Washington

Washington State is notorious for all the great outdoorsy activities it has to offer. Being active is definitely easy when you live in such a beautifully green and mountainous area.

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Huge waves found in the Arctic Ocean is accelerating sea ice loss

Arctic Ocean Waves: Scientists Shocked Seeing 16-Foot-Waves On Once Ice-Filled Arctic, Welcome To An Ice-Free Summer And More Global Warming

Arctic Ocean waves measuring up to 16 feet in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska have shocked scientists, since last they saw the area; it was still completely covered in ice. This is the first time that such massive Arctic Ocean waves have been recorded in Arctic waters. Oceanographers suspect the Arctic Ocean waves to speed the breakup of the region's remaining ice, hence hastening a potential ice-free summer in the Arctic.

Flight route of missing Algerian plane, as reported by Arirang News.

Algerian Plane Missing Over Mali Airspace, Shot Down By Malian Rebels?

Algerian plane missing as it was en route to Algeria from Burkina Faso. Based on the statements provided by the Transport Minister of France, Jean Bertin Ouedrago, majority of the 116 passengers and crew aboard of that particular Air Algerie flight were French. It was flying from Ouagadougou and was heading for Algiers and had asked to change its route at 1:38 GMT because there was a storm in the area.

Two Suspects Wanted In Atlantic City Casino Heist

Atlantic City Casino Heist: Two Suspects Wanted On Manhunt, $181K Stolen From Caesars Atlantic City

Atlantic City casino heist reportedly occurred at an Atlantic City casino on Monday. According to the New Jersey State Police Casino Gaming Bureau as confirmed to the Daily News, a masked pair pulled off the Atlantic City casino heist as they carried off two plastic cash boxes and fled using a car.

Sinkhole In Spring Hill Florida Threatens Homes And Residents In Neighborhood

Sinkhole In Spring Hill Florida [PHOTOS]: Swallows Whole Intersection, Threatens Homes And Residents In Neighborhood

Sinkhole in Spring Hill Florida recently made headlines as its huge size threatened neighbourhood residents. According to Fox News, the massive sinkhole in Spring Hill Florida is slowly expanding, thus making local residents more frightened. Meanwhile, reactions from passersby can only be described as curious. The new massive sinkhole in Spring Hill Florida came a year after a much bigger one took the life of a Tampa-area man into oblivion when the sinkhole sucked the man in.

Widow Awarded $23.6B in Cigarette Suit

$23.6 Billion Smoking Case: Florida Jury Awards Widow, Second-Largest Tobacco Company Lost To Widow

$23.6 billion smoking case in Florida was won and awarded to a widow late Friday by a jury against the country’s second-largest tobacco company, reports the New York Times. The charge with which R.J. Reynolds lost to the $23.6 billion smoking case was for causing the death of a chain smoker who died of lung cancer at the tender age of 36.

US spy satellite captures missile fired that took down Flight 17

Malaysian Plane Shot Down Over Ukraine [PHOTOS + VIDEO]: 295 Killed, Russia Accused Of Plane Crash Over Ukraine-Russia Border

Malaysian plane shot down over Ukraine was believed to be carrying 295 people, reports the Telegraph. According to Interfax news agency, the Boeing 777 Malaysian passenger plane has crashed in Ukraine, near the Russian border. It appears that the passenger plane got entangled in the brewing rift between Russia and Ukraine as the Malaysian plane shot down over Ukraine clearly shows.

11 Earthquakes Hit Central Oklahoma Over Weekend, Fracking To Blame Says Seismologists

Oklahoma Earthquakes Today: 11 Earthquakes Hit Central Oklahoma Over Weekend, Fracking To Blame Says Seismologists

Oklahoma earthquakes today amounted to a total of 11 minor ones over the weekend, as recorded the U.S. Geological Survey. The USGS first recorded seven small Oklahoma earthquakes today in a span of just 14 hours, but over the weekend the number of small quakes which shook central Oklahoma grew to 11.

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