Five Of The Most Outrageous Travel Complaints Against Travel Agents

May 08, 2017 10:32 AM EDT

The life of a travel agent is more difficult than what's perceived by the public. They make schedules for clients, who expect a top-notch vacation as advertised by the company. Things that go wrong beyond the powers of the travel agent lead to the client lambasting thd travel agent. Here at Travelers Today, we'll share five of the most outrageous travel complaints against travel agents.

Curry in India?

Thomas Cook Vacations shared, via Huffington Post, a client feedback from its Thomas Cook survey. One of them said that they were not warned about the amount of curry restaurants in India's Goa. Curry is almost a national dish in different regions of India given its popularity, making this feedback truly hilarious.

Nuisance Fish in the Water

Another feedback from Thomas Cook told them that in an undisclosed vacation spot, there were fish in the water, which scared their children. Water is the natural habitat of fish, so the comment is appalling as it is truly and utterly funny.

Zoo Animals Not Trained to Smile

The Telegraph UK has its own selection of not so hilarious consumer feedback for travel agent services. One of them was parents complaining about how zoo animals in a prescribed itinerary did not smile for their children. The complaint wrote that the staff did not train the animals to smile.

Naked People in Nude Beach Disturbs Guest

A woman's husband found it disturbing that people in a nude beach were naked and they filed this complaint in a survey. Of course, it was a nude beach, which makes this complaint a bit hilarious. 

No Warning Sign

Lastly, the best complaint was probably a trip to Turkey's hot air balloon rides. According to the respondent, the hot air balloon rides should have a warning sign that makes riders think twice about riding a hundred-meter high ride.

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