Five Of The World's Most Popular Tourist Attractions Has Some VIP Shortcuts You Should Know About

May 04, 2017 12:20 PM EDT

The best way to enjoy Disneyland in almost every country, including every ride and even a hotel stay, is to book in advance months online. The risk of not fulfilling the non-refundable vacation is there, but it does guarantee the seamless enjoyment of Disneyland.

For some tourIST spots, the case is different. But luckily, these five most popular tourist attractions has some VIP shortcuts and hacks not many know about.

New York, the city that never sleeps, has the amazing Museum of Modern Art. The only problem is that the museum's rich reservoir of art attracts hundreds of visitors. Luckily, the museum has a VIP shortcut that allows a private one-hour access tour with a museum lecturer. It's a little hefty, though, and will set you back $63.

When in Rome, travelers will definitely want to see the Sistine Chapel featuring the artwork on the epic dome that serves as the roof above churchgoers. The chapel gets crowded even during non-mass hours. However, there's a private after-hours tour, which costs about $375, inclusive of tours of other Vatican highlights.

CNN says that the shoreline near the Aboriginal Rock Art in Faraway Bay is heavily populated with local and international tourists because of its huge reserves of preserved Aboriginal artworks in Western Australia. Overseen and led by an Aboriginal elder, the tour is sought for by many tourists. If tourists could spare about $4,500, they could get a close-up tour of the Faraway Bay on a boat inclusive of other perks.

According to Rick Steves, to access the Prado Museum in Madrid without having to go through long lines and wait hours, one could buy a self-service ticket in kiosks. The ticket prices are more expensive but tourists need not to wait a long line to enter the Prado Museum. The museum's tickets could also be reserved months before the actual date, securing tourists' a smooth trip.

Booking a Stonehenge VIP tour does not only eliminate long lines. The higher price to be paid grants a dawn and dusk private access while the site is closed to everyone else. While privileged visitors could see the maintenance crews keep watch over the stones and take account of any changes, seeing the site without much people is truly worth it.

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