July 19, 2024 3:09 PM

trump immigration ban impact

Trump Supporter’s Husband Gets Deported Back To Mexico

A Trump supporter and wife to an undocumented Mexican national didn't think her husband will be among those deported back to their home countries.


Davis Museum Covers Art In Black Fabric As Travel Ban Protest

More and more artists are becoming enraged with President Donald Trump's immigration law with thousands of them holding exhibitions and art protests in their ways. Davis Museum at Wellesley College staged dissents by removing all artworks and covering them in black cloth that was created or given by immigrant artists.


Artists Stand On Ban, Wall of 700 Immigrants' Backpacks To Be Showcased At Manhattan Gallery

When President Donald Trump opts to have a wall built along the US Border against Mexico, artists made a stand on which side they are on in the immigration ban. The Manhattan Gallery has created their own wall of 700 immigrants' backpacks to acknowledge the migrants who illegally crossed the U.S. border that led some to their death.


How Five Companies Counter Trump’s Travel Ban

The recent uproar caused by Donald Trump over the controversial immigration ban had people weeping and clamoring for justice. World leaders also protested on what outcomes the new policy mean for world travel, businesses as well as the safety of each country.


US Immigration Ban’s Impact On Travel: Five Things You Need To Know

Donald Trump's executive order sparked immense amounts of outrage towards its citizens and its neighboring countries.


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