July 18, 2024 12:43 AM

top 5 tourist destinations in the world

2017’s Hottest Traveling Trends & Resolutions For Travelers

2017 is here and you can change your travel routine and make it exciting through going on a safari, spicing up your trip with a cooking class and having an active vacation involving biking, skiing, and river cruising. Above all avoid extra expenses by involving a travel agent, consider your location currency and even on a weekend you can have a vacation!


The Best Travel Destinations In 2017 According To A-List Celebrities

Celebrities are busy, but they always have the best vacations. Follow these celebrities' advice and roll like an A-lister in 2017 to the world's best celebrity travel destinations.


What's 2016's Most Googled Country? Find Out Here And See Why You Should Visit Too

This Eastern European gem turned out to be this year's most searched for travel destination site. Millions of hits were seen daily by Google for this vacation spot, thanks in large part to a popular TV series.


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