July 12, 2024 8:23 AM

top 5 beaches

Spain's Cathedrals: A Beach Made Of Gold

Change of decisions with the Galician government to let the investigation take place so as to identify and proving the availability of gold at the Beach. Until then the treasures at the Cathedral Beaches will always remain a mystery.


World’s Best Beaches For Family Outdoor Activities, Backpackers & Adventure

The beaches found in cities, such beaches are the Arpoador in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, English Bay beach which is in Vancouver, Canada, Durban in South Africa, Margate which is in Kent, and Ocata in Barcelona, Spain.


'Moana' Vacation Tribute: Top 5 Pacific Islands Per Preference (Part 1)

The box office success of Disney animation ‘Moana’ did well to advertise the Pacific Islands as a vacation destination. Here are the top 5 islands worth…


Top 5 Best Beaches In The Philippines

The Philippines is gifted with some of the world’s most unique biodiversity. But given its flora and fauna, there is another gift that the country has been endowed with that is envy for many a country – its gracious beaches.


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