July 17, 2024 6:09 PM


Minimalist Travel Packing 101: Enjoy Traveling With Less Baggage Fee Now!

Minimalist packing is now the answer to a more efficient travel! Learn more about it and begin doing it.


Five Travel Packing Mistakes Every Travellers Do And How to Avoid Them

Really, her daydream vacation is so near and within her reach. So she went to the airport and fall in line for the security check up. The officers checked her items and there she go, she forgot the guidelines and her liquid bottles are confiscated.


Top 5 Items to Have in Your Carry-On Bag

Here are some must haves for your carry-on bag for your next flight. You never know what to expect on a flight, so here are some things to help you prepare.


Packing 101: 5 Tips to Travel Light for Eurotrip 2014

Before the fun in even begins, travelers face daunting task: packing. While many may think it’s as easy as putting everything one “needs”, packing is practically a serious business.


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