July 21, 2024 6:26 PM


Safety In New Zealand After 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake

A TSUNAMI warning was issued for coastal areas of New Zealand following a series of large earthquakes in the Marlborough and Canterbury areas of South Island. People have been urged to move in land and to higher ground immediately.


Caught On Video! Japan’s Giant Sinkhole Swallows An Entire City

A massive sinkhole created commuter chaos in downtown Fukuoka in southwestern Japan Monday, when the entire width of a major 5-lane road caved in on itself. The sinkhole is thought to have been caused by underground work on a subway extension.


What You Need To Know About The Walt Disney Family Museum In San Francisco

The Disney Family Museum is not a "Disney" museum full of cartoons and rides. Instead, it tells the story of a man who was first and foremost a storyteller himself. If you don't want to hear about Walt Disney all day and learn about his life, this place isn't for you.


PROMO Free Trip To Europe! Jet2 Is Giving Away 20,000 Free Flights Next Week: Tips On How To Score Tickets

Traveling abroad is probably on everyone's bucket list. As for those who usually travel abroad, most may say that it is indeed fun but really expensive as well. Low-cost airline Jet2 know this, which is why they've decided to give away a whopping 20,000 free flights next week, to make visiting loved ones or taking a much-needed trip abroad a lot easier this winter.


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