July 23, 2024 7:34 PM

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New Travelport Survey: U.S. Millennials Most Likely to Take & Spend More on Vacations This Year, Next

Who loves going on a holiday more, the older or younger generation? A new survey reveals how the millennials tend to spend when it comes to going on vacation.


2017's Hottest Travel Trends & Destinations

Make your travel exciting this year through practicing the above travel trends and visiting the hottest destinations.


2017’s Hottest Traveling Trends & Resolutions For Travelers

2017 is here and you can change your travel routine and make it exciting through going on a safari, spicing up your trip with a cooking class and having an active vacation involving biking, skiing, and river cruising. Above all avoid extra expenses by involving a travel agent, consider your location currency and even on a weekend you can have a vacation!


Upcoming Travel Trends For 2017 That You Need To Know

America's Vacation Deficit Disorder causes workers to begin to appreciate the solid relationship amongst wellbeing and requiring significant investment off with illuminated bosses driving the change. Discussed here are the Upcoming trend both old and new for 2017.


Millennial Travels Trends: Annual Spending Averages $200 Billion

Millennials are reportedly spending billions of dollars in travel, and consider it as one of their top priotiies.


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