November 28, 2023 4:32 AM

melania trump and donald trump

Mexico; An Alternative Cheap Travel With A Lot To Offer!

As the Mexico peso continues to decrease in value, it is a declaration of affordability in Mexico. Airfares are low, accommodation costs are low and even meals and drinks have lower prices too. Thanks to Trump for cheap travel to Mexico.


Melania Trump's Home Country Slovenia - Top Five Places in Ljubljana important to Donald and Melania That You Can Visit

Once known as Melania Knavs, the supermodel turned wife of businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump used to drive around Ljubljana on a metallic blue Vespa. Once a sleepy town in Slovenia's capital, the city is now filled with tourists and nightclubs, with foreigners eager to know how Melania spent her earlier years. Here are the best things to do in Ljubljana to be able to relive Melania Trump's childhood experiences.


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