November 30, 2023 6:09 AM

eco friendly

Discover Singapore’s Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations That Makes It A City That Has It All

Singapore highlighted its top green spots as your next travel destinations.


Spa & Wellness Travel Trends: The Next Big Thing For 2017

Being able to do wellness programs at the same time travel for ultimate R&R is like hitting two birds in a stone. For this reason, the Luxury Travel Magazine has conveyed the forecasted next big trends in wellness travel. This will help unveil the next big thing when it comes to wellness, travel and lifestyle as well as their respective suggested travel destinations.


Economic Strife: Are Pay-What-You-Want Restaurants Becoming A New Trend?

'Socially aware' restaurants where you pay whatever you want are becoming a new trend, but what are they? Could they be the key to lifting misery in this economically turbulent time?


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