November 28, 2023 4:10 AM

donald trump hotels

Mexico; An Alternative Cheap Travel With A Lot To Offer!

As the Mexico peso continues to decrease in value, it is a declaration of affordability in Mexico. Airfares are low, accommodation costs are low and even meals and drinks have lower prices too. Thanks to Trump for cheap travel to Mexico.


Travel During The Trump Presidency: Cheap Airfare But Stricter Immigration Restrictions

Donald Trump's presidency can spell disaster for the travel and airline industry, amidst stricter immigration restrictions and falling prices. However, will the new president have some new policies to reverse this condition?


Top Five Tourist Destinations for Trump Lovers and Haters - Where to Spend your Post-Election Day Vacation

Win or lose, it has been a big year for real estate mogul Donald Trump who has stepped out into politics head-first, gunning to become president of the USA. Besides his political ambitions, Trump has a well-established list of places and spots related to him, and here are the best places to go to get your fill on America's most talked about businessman.


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