July 15, 2024 6:42 AM

colosseum trespassing

Rome’s Colosseum Is Looking For A New Boss

Rome's Colosseum is looking for a new boss, and instead of opening the vacancy for the directorship of the ancient site to Italians only, the culture office is seeking worldwide applications to those who are qualified to be the next head. The chosen applicant will enter the four-year contract with income earning up to $200,000 annually and $48,000 more in merit.


Tourist Arrested For Vandalizing Colosseum With Ancient Coin

How does one create lasting memories of being in a historical site? For sure, a 45-year-old, French woman decided to vandal the Roman Colosseum with an ancient coin and was arrested by Italian police for defacing the monument.


Two Tourists Who Trespassed In The Colosseum At Night Seriously Injured

Two Brazilian men attempted to scale one of the Colosseum's entry gates so they can trespass inside the premises after dark.


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