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Articles by Ashley Sneddon

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    Top 5 Unbelievable Lust-Have Luxury Travel Accessories

    A 'Lust-Have' can be defined as something you don't need or is out of your price range, but really, really want. If money was no object, what would you buy to accompany you on your travels? These are my 5 lust-have luxury travel items I'll be wishing for this year!

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    The Ultimate Ladies Guide to Traveling in Style and Comfort

    Trying to be stylish while traveling can be a major drag, especially on long-haul flights. From personal experience, I can agree that we fashion-conscious traveling ladies have it hard. Sitting on a plane for a 23 hour flight in uncomfortable clothing can be hellish, but I'd rather die than wear a pair of stretch sweatpants. Thankfully there is an in-between! Check out this ultimate guide to traveling in style and comfort.

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    The Travelers Today Vintage Guide To: London Bars

    Being a bit of a vintage aficionado, I love to dress up and go out for drinks in vintage bars. Sitting in a vintage bar makes me feel nostalgic for a time long-past and really sparks my imagination. Especially if there's a bit of Billie Holiday playing in the background! This is a guide to the best vintage bars in London that I've tried, tested and often been totalled at during my four years of living in Oxford.

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    Being Single on Valentines Day is Awesome! Here's Why...

    So you haven't got a date or a partner for Valentine's and you're dreading seeing all those happy couples loved up, especially your ex splashing photos of their new lover all over Facebook? Don't worry; I'm right there with you. This year's different though; since I've started to stay off the relationship radar out of choice, it's given me time to appreciate being single. And this year, I'm actually looking forward to Valentine's Day as a single girl...

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    Shocking New Evidence That Hitler Lived After WW2

    The story is well known; Hitler shot himself and died in his bunker as his regime was falling...but did he? An author has uncovered shocking new evidence that Adolf Hitler may have escaped with his life...

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    Love Letter to New Jersey: America's Most Misunderstood State

    When I mention New Jersey to people, the first thing they will inevitably bring up is "Jersey Shore" or "Real Housewives". New Jersey, unlike its cousin New York, seems to have acquired a bit of a, well, an 'unclassy' reputation, to put it mildly. You may be surprised to hear, however, that beyond the Guidos and Guidettes, New Jersey is an exciting, diverse state with a lot to offer a traveler looking for adventure. And all easily navigated by Amtrak!

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    Lonely? Plan it! - Safety and Other Advice for the Lone Female Traveler

    As a solo female traveler most of the time, I know first-hand the perils and pitfalls of being a solo girl traveler on the road, as well as the amazing rush of freedom and independence. Some people paint the picture of the world just waiting to be explored, but the safety of solo female travelers is also a very real issue.

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    Staycation Summer - How to have Holiday Fun for a Very Small Sum

    If you're finding the economy's let you down substantially this year, and you can't afford to go on vacation, take heart that you're not the only one. In my 'Staycation' articles, I'll be helping you find cheap and free ways to have fun this summer.

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    Outrage as Dallas Safari Club Auctions Chance to Hunt Endangered Black Rhino

    The Dallas Safari Club has decided to pursue its auction of an endangered black rhino, one of only 5500 left in the world, despite receiving death threats from animal lovers, but club director says that it will actually "help save them".

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    The Coolest Music Festivals of 2014

    Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock may be a distant memory, but you can still look forward to a hazy summer lying in the grass listening to your favourite bands. Unfortunately, we can't go back to hear Jimi at Woodstock (time machines are way overdue, right?), but with increasingly cheaper airfares, music festivals around the world are right outside our doorstep. A dream summer for me would be touring them all!

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    Switzerland Hires Chinese Ski Instructors in Bid to Appeal to Chinese

    Switzerland has started hiring Chinese ski instructors in a bid to make the slopes more tempting to Chinese tourists.

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    Scientists find signs of life on other planets

    Life on Mars? David Bowie sang about it, but scientists have found that it could actually happen in the near future...

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    Joyriding Chihuahua Crashes Car: Has Licence Revoked

    A joyriding Chihuahua has been causing chaos in Spokane, Washington, hitting a car at a red-light intersection.

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    Same-Sex Marriages Recognized in Utah By Federal Government: Legal Recognition in Utah Rejoiced By Hundreds

    Attorney General Eric Holder has stated that the Federal Government will now recognize more than 1000 same-sex marriages in Utah, despite an earlier announcement to the contrary. Utah same-sex couples will now have access to all federal benefits.

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    History Fans Can Take A Quirky Trip and Stay in an East German Bunker

    History fans rejoice, you can now buy a night in a legitimate East German Bunker. Part of a 'historic reality' experience, you can spend a night in a bunker for 109 euros and dress in a National People's Army Uniform while living the experience as a true East German soldier.

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