Botswana, a land of diverse wildlife and breathtaking scenery, is known for its wildlife safari trips. If you are one of those people, who genuinely enjoy witnessing animals and wildlife in their natural habitat then Botswana is jam packed with hidden gems and surprises for you.

Planning a one-week Botswana Safari itinerary can sound impossible, given how much this place has to offer. However, if you plan things well and ahead of time, there's nothing you'd miss out on while exploring Botswana's incredible natural beauty and wildlife.

This comprehensive guide will break down the ideal one-week itinerary that you can follow right after you land in this beautiful place.

Breaking Down the Ideal 1-week Botswana Wildlife Itinerary

Photo by Birger Strahl on Unsplash
(Photo : Birger Strahl on Unsplash)

Before we give you a detailed outline of the plans and the highlights that this itinerary packs on each day, let us give you a glance through the week-long Safari itinerary.

  • Day 1 - Arrival in Muan

  • Day 2-3 - Moremi Game Reserve

  • Day 4-5 - Khwai Concession

  • Day 6-7 - Chobe National Park

Kindly remember that Botswana is a diverse place, so a week won't cover every possible wildlife spot that you want to witness. However, the itinerary breakdown we have curated should cover all the important highlight spots worth exploring in that one week of stay.

Day 1 - Arrival in Muan

The first day is when you arrive in Muan either directly from your home or from your last travel destination.

Upon arrival, your guide will meet and welcome you to then transfer you to your respective lodge or campsite. This will be subjective and depend on what you have booked for your stay.

Depending on when you arrive in Botswana, you might get a chance to opt for a scenic flight over the beautiful Okavango Delta. Getting to witness the panoramic beauty of this spot from high up in the sky is an experience that's going to be etched permanently into your memory.

The exhilarating experience will then end on a relaxing note where you will enjoy a delectable dinner to end the night.

Day 2-3 - Moremi Game Reserve

Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash
(Photo : Matt Artz on Unsplash)

If you are in Botswana, chances are that getting to witness the "Big Five" is likely on your bucket list. This happens at the Moremi Game Reserve, which you will get to visit on the morning of your second day.

Given how vast and diverse the place is, it isn't surprising that the entire safari or exploration is of two days. The vast wilderness involves a lot of activities, including guided walks, boat trips, and game drives.

Depending on your Safari package, you will also have a personal guide that will help you familiarize yourself with the surroundings and even spot the wildlife when they are relaxing in their natural habitat.

Since the game reserve is very dense and enriched with local flora and fauna, having an experienced guide on the side can make your journey worthwhile. They are not just experienced in guiding you but are highly knowledgeable to help you familiarize yourself with elements you are clueless about.

Day 4-5 - Khwai Concession

Once you have explored the beautiful Moremi Game Reserve inside out, the next place to visit in our one-week Botswana Safari itinerary is Khwai Concession.

Khwai Concession is a private game reserve that blends in captivating flora and fauna in the area. So, not only will you get to spot lions, leopards, wild dogs, antelopes, and different species of birds, but you will also get to explore beautiful lagoons, grasslands, and channels.

It is located adjacent to the Moremi Game Reserve; hence this is next in the itinerary. Besides getting to explore the beauty of nature in the area, the second day at Khwai Concession is dedicated to visiting the adjacent village of area.

Stepping into the local village is a great way to not just interact with the inhabitants and understand their way of life, it also gives a glimpse into their culture, traditions, and history. People, albeit the language barrier, are highly welcoming there.

Much like Moremi, your first day at Khwai Concession will include a lot of guided tours, night drives, and game drives to spot the wildlife in their natural surroundings.

Day 6-7 - Chobe National Park

Photo by Colin Watts on Unsplash
(Photo : Colin Watts on Unsplash)

As you recuperate from the beauty of Khwai Concession, the last two days of our one-week Botswana Safari itinerary are dedicated to the famous Chobe National Park.

Located in Kakoaka, Botswana, this is the third-largest national park after Central Kalahari Game Reserve and Gemsbok National Park. Spread across 4,500 sq.mi, the national park is home to the largest elephant population in the entirety of Africa.

Given how vast the national park is, it isn't surprising that exploring this place isn't a day trip. You have to dedicate two full days to soak in the natural beauty of this place. 

During the two days that you are at the Chobe National Park, you will explore the area via boat cruises, game drives, personalized guides, etc.

Besides elephants, the national park is also home to crocodiles, hippos, and a variety of bird species, which you'd get to witness in real time. 


And, that concludes the one-week Botswana Safari itinerary. Although the places might not seem like a lot, you need to realize that each of these spots is a treasure trove of wildlife. Hence, exploring these places requires a minimum of two days each.

Following ending your safari at the Chobe National Park, you will be flown back to Maun, where you might get some time to pick up a few trinkets and gifts to take back as a memoir for friends and family.

Things to Remember Before Planning a Botswana Safari Trip

If the above itinerary sounds enticing to you, there are a few factors that you have to keep in mind. These include tips necessary to keep yourself safe during your vacation.

  • Malaria is a common issue in Botswana, so you'd have to consult your primary healthcare provider to get the necessary vaccines.

  • Drinking water issues are prevalent in Botswana. So, you either have to buy gallon jugs of drinking water or you'd need to carry a high-quality and portable water filter.

  • Although ATMs are easily accessible in Botswana towns and cities, we'd recommend keeping some cash in hand.

  • Botswana has three different types of plugs, type D, type G, and type M. If you wish to charge your devices, we'd recommend carrying relevant adapters so you aren't stuck in a problem.

  • When on a game drive through the national parks or the game reserves, the last thing you want is to step out of the vehicle you are in. Even though there isn't any "visible" wildlife around, it is better to listen to your guide's advice and stay inside the vehicle for personal safety.

  • Always have travel insurance sorted before your trip. You never know what goes wrong, so staying prepared is always a good idea.

Botswana is undoubtedly a heaven for nature and wildlife lovers. If you are planning a trip to explore the rich wildlife and breath-taking greenery around, this one-week itinerary should be a good place to start planning your trip. Remember that travel goals are subjective. So, you always have the option to tweak and change things according to your needs and comfort.