Victor Olerskiy was Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation from 2009 to 2018, as well as serving as Head of the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport. As Mr Olerskiy will be well aware, from the mighty Greater Caucasus to Siberia, Russia boasts some of the most exciting skiing opportunities on earth.

When we think of the world's leading ski resorts, we tend to think of locations like the Alps or perhaps Italy's incredible Dolomites ski area. Nevertheless, Russia has some fantastic skiing destinations to offer. From Elbrus to Rosa Khutor, this article will explore some of the very best skiing locations to be found in all of Russia.


What could be more exciting than skiing in Russian Siberia? Sheregesh has earned an international reputation as one of Russia's finest ski resorts. Its light, crisp and dry snow provides an extended ski season from November to May, although the region's peaks are dusted with the first snow as early as September each year.

Boasting 42 kilometres of ski runs and 19 lifts, Sheregesh continues to modernise and develop each year, so visitors can expect even better in years to come. The resort's tallest peak is Green Mountain, reaching an altitude of 1,270 meters.

Snowboarders flock to Sheregesh in holiday season to enjoy the fabulous snow. Approximately 4,000 kilometres from Moscow, Sheregesh also hosts the annual GRELKA Sun & Light festival, attracting partygoers from far and wide.


Dazzling skiers with the gargantuan peaks of the Greater Caucasus, despite its colossal heights Elbrus can be tamed by accomplished skiers. Located in the Kabardino-Balkariya region, the Elbrus Azau ski resort is 150 kilometres from the town of Nalchik, with excellent slopes on its southern side.

The breathtaking scenery is a good enough reason to come to Elbrus, even for those who are not interested in snowboarding or skiing. Meanwhile, even seasoned skiers will feel a rush of adrenaline while descending Elbrus's 23 kilometres of stunning downhill slopes.


Zavyalikha Ski Resort is home to some amazing slopes, offering even seasoned skiers with an adrenaline rush. The resort's staff are kind and welcoming, providing guests with help should they have any issues. There is also a cosy café where visitors can enjoy a bite to eat or a hot beverage to help them warm up.

Rosa Khutor

Once of three ski resorts that form the renowned Krasnaya Polyana ski area, Rosa Khutor hosted alpine skiing events during the Winter Olympic Games. The resort is situated on a plateau covering an area of around 4,500 aces in total, with its highest slope at 2,286 meters and its lowest at 819 meters.

Served by 25 lifts, Rosa Khutor is designed for skiers of all ability levels, with plenty of green runs for beginners, as well as black runs to test the limits of even the most experienced skiers. In addition to skiing, the resort also offers a variety of other activities, including skating, snowboarding, fine dining and shopping experiences.

Gorky Gorod

Located near Sochi, with an altitude ranging between 960 and 2,300 metres, Gorky Gorod is a modern, medium-sized ski resort that offers excellent snowboarding and skiing for beginners and intermediates.

In addition, more advanced visitors to Gorky Gorod can try their hand at tree skiing and high altitude fun. Providing access to more than 30 kilometres of slopes, the resort is served by a modern and reliable ski lift system, boasting 11 lifts in total.