California is known for a few things-Hollywood, the beach, and great weather. With all these things come a focus on health and fitness. The entertainment industry creates an atmosphere where looks are currency. It's no wonder that there is an emphasis on working out in California. Exercise is an important part of anyone's life, but there seems to be a premium put on it in the state. Below are five places to work out in California.

The Coast

If California is famous for one thing, it's for its coastline. The beaches in California are beautiful. They are perfect for working out in many ways. Whether you are into swimming in the ocean or want to run along the coast, there are plenty of ways to get a good workout near the ocean. Not only is it cooler by the beach, providing great context for exercise, but it's also a place where you can exercise in many ways. Whether you want to walk along the beach with your dog or go deep sea swimming, there are plenty of ways you can get a great workout near the coast.

The Mountains

Another place that is great for working out in California are the mountains. Whether you go hiking, mountain biking, climbing, or practice yoga, the mountains are a great place to exercise in the beauty of nature. Not only does it provide great opportunities to work out, you won't even know you are exercising because you will be enjoying yourself. In the winter, you can even go skiing in California. California isn't known for its winter sports, but maybe it should be. Whatever time of year and activity you are doing, the mountains are a great place to get your work out in.

The Desert

Southeastern California is the High Desert. Joshua Tree National Park is great for short distance hiking, yoga you can practice in the sun, and more. You can go for a run or lift weights outside. Whether you are focused on immersing yourself in the desert or are trying to sweat out the toxins in your body through the heat, the desert is a great place to find yourself. Of course, you should be sure to hydrate, but if you are careful, you will be able to get a good workout in the beauty of the desert. It also provides great opportunities for night hikes and stargazing while you're at it.

The Gym

Of course, California has great gyms where you can find yourself the right equipment, trainers, and context for exercise. Whether you are looking for gyms in Bakersfield, San Diego, or Fresno, there is a great gym where you can motivate yourself to work out. With a trainer, you can properly build your muscles and tone your body. There are often amenities like a pool where you can swim and a steam room where you can sweat it all out. It doesn't matter what you are looking for, California has some great gyms where you can tone your body and work on yourself.

The Trails

When you don't want to travel to the mountains but still want to hit the trail, there are plenty of options for trails inside the city. You can find a trail to walk on, hike through different areas, or ride a bike. There are often trails surrounding parks where you can surround yourself with nature and treat your body well at the same time. In California, there are plenty of parks and trails where you can exercise outside without going too far.

California has amazing scenery and great landscapes. It has great nature and weather. With the atmosphere focusing on being active and healthy, California provides context for all kinds of different methods of exercise. You can work out in the beauty of natural surroundings most days out of the year. In Southern California, you are a reasonably short drive away from somewhere you can find the right weather for all kinds of activities. When you are wondering where to go and what to do in California for exercise, there is no shortage of great ways to treat your body, mind, and spirit better.