Are you thinking of a special trip or activity that the whole family can enjoy? Are you a regular at the Disney resorts and theme parks and are looking for a new experience to add to your already very memorable ones? Then the Merry Menagerie At Animal Kingdom might just be the one you are looking for. 

Keep reading this article to know more about this seasonal show from Disney Live Entertainment and find out how buying a resale contract for a DVC membership from third-party platforms like DVC Resale Experts can make the experience so much better. 

What To Expect In The Merry Menagerie At Animal Kingdom? 

The very popular winter-themed attraction has returned to Discovery Island. Merry Menagerie is a feast of puppet animals in cool-toned colors such as pastels. There's music and dancing and puppeteers prancing around while controlling the carefully curated puppet animals that dance to the rhythm. 

When these puppet creatures are present, Discovery Island comes to life as they blink and bob to the music being performed by the musicians. Animal Kingdom on its own is already so magical, but with the addition of this seasonal attraction- it's just like the cherry on top! 

When Does The Merry Menagerie At Animal Kingdom Happen? 

Merry Menagerie premiered way back in 2019 and took a one-year break until it finally returned to everyone's delight in 2021. It is a special show that signals the start of Disney's holiday celebrations, so this show is seasonal. It is considered one of the most popular holiday attractions at Discovery Island in Animal Kingdom. 

Who Will Enjoy The Merry Menagerie At Animal Kingdom? 

Kids and kids-at-heart will truly enjoy this winter festival-like show. Audiences can interact with the puppets, dance to the music and absorb everything the show offers. Make sure to take a lot of beautiful pictures, as this will encapsulate the moment and help engrave it in your heart forever. 

Kids will surely enjoy seeing the animals move and dance around, while older audiences will find bliss in the delightful sight. Surely, it is an attraction you wouldn't want to miss. 

Where To Stay Near Merry Menagerie At Animal Kingdom? 

Since this is a seasonal show, it is best to secure your slot as soon as it becomes available. Shows happen once during the morning and then another towards the afternoon. 

Another way to fully make the most of the experience is by staying nearby, and that is by booking accommodations at Disney resorts and hotels. 

With that being said, it would be ideal if you are a DVC member with Animal Kingdom Lodge as your home resort because not only will this give you months ahead of booking privilege, but it also makes the trip to Discovery Island more convenient. 

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Final Thoughts 

And if everything mentioned above sounds amazing to you, then you would be happier to know that there is also themed merchandise available in the area. Mini versions of the animals which you can control like a puppet- just like the original ones are available for the taking and will make for an excellent reminder of your wonderful trip.