Located in the center of Peru, the little village of Huacachina is surrounded by dunes. It is also referred to as "the Oasis," which is the real name of the artificial lake that the town is centered on. It is mostly a tourist destination with a few thrilling activities and well-liked accommodations.

This blog should provide all the information you need if you consider traveling to Huacachina. This is the definitive guide to visiting Huacachina, including everything from getting there, day excursions from Lima to Huacachina, and the finest things to do! If you are still confused. You can contact Guruexplorers to guide you through.

Dune Buggy Tour 

There is little doubt that this is the most popular activity in Huacachina. Make a dune buggy trip your only activity while in Huacachina. These trips provide the most breathtaking views of the surrounding dunes and are quite daring. You may hop into a dune buggy and race around the dunes for as low as 100 soles per person. In all honesty, this portion is somewhat terrifying, but that's all part of the enjoyment. I practically yelled the entire time, but I also had a blast. It is similar to riding a roller coaster, but through dunes instead!

Observe the desert sunset

Sand-boarding and dune buggy excursions are available from every tour company in the town in the morning and the afternoon, usually starting at 4 or 4.30 p.m. I'd strongly advise choosing the afternoon trip because it ends just in time for the golden hour and sunset, which makes for some incredible photo opportunities in the desert.

If you haven't signed up for a sand-boarding excursion or want to see more sunsets, a short climb up the dunes will reward you with equally stunning views of the setting sun. Just remember to bring a light sweater or long sleeve shirt since it might become chilly after the light goes off.

Paddling around

There is a little artificial lake in the middle of Huacachina where you may hire paddle boats and float about. This is a fantastic way to view the oasis from a new angle-from the water surrounded by the enormous dunes.

Paddle boats are easy to rent and may be picked up directly by the water. Demand and the time you want to paddle affect how much you pay for a rental.

The lake is tiny so you won't need much time for this sport. After 20-30 minutes, you'll feel like you've seen enough.


Depending on the wind direction, hike with a qualified guide for 20-30 minutes to a chosen dune. The experienced paragliding pilots will next train you in the fundamentals of takeoff and landing. You'll take off whenever the weather is suitable for flying and enjoy a 10- to 15-minute flight over the oasis.

Finding tour companies that provide this experience online is challenging. Still, once you reach Huacachina, you may stop by one of the neighborhood tour shops to make arrangements for the cheapest pricing.


Sand-boarding is also a part of the sand buggy excursion. You should not be concerned if you have never stood on a "sand-board." Your guide will give you a brief tutorial on how to sand-board.

Spoiler alert: Falling is possible, but it's all part of the experience.

But the basic technique is to lay flat on your tummy with your head up and your arms tucked under. The steep and lengthy dunes that guides will pick up make me quite nervous. I then disseminated that knowledge.

Final Words

We hope our blog has aided in your travel planning and that you have a fantastic time in Huacachina! Of course, you are welcome to Google any queries you may have.