The Florida Keys have a strong reputation for being some of the most stunning water in the United States. People come from all over the country to enjoy the sunshine, warm temperatures, and calm oceans of the Keys.

While the area is inviting, there is a lot of ground to cover if you hope to see all the sites. Many people opt to fly into the Keys, given their southern location and distance from most. However, having a vehicle during your visit may be a high priority if you plan to see most of the attractions.

Some may be willing to make the long drive, while others may decide to rent a car during their time in the Keys. If you're driving your own vehicle, talk to your insurance agent to understand your policy's coverage for out-of-state incidents. If you're renting a car, compare Key West auto insurance options to make sure you're not overpaying on your coverage.

Once you've got your insurance squared away, you're ready to hit the road and see just why the Florida Keys should be on your bucket list. 

#1 - The Waters of the Keys Will Take Your Breath Away

The Keys certainly top the list of most beautiful waters in the country - and for a good reason. The ocean surrounding the islands is stunning and vibrant turquoise, clear enough to see straight to the bottom. 

This clear water in the Florida Keys is ideal for boating and a wide variety of water sport activities. Many people enjoy fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, windsurfing, and much more on the crystal-clear waters. 

The Keys are also home to the third-largest coral reef in the world and the only living coral reef in North America, making them an incredible snorkeling destination. The Keys don't see much rough water or large waves. Since these offshore reefs protect the islands, the water stays calm and serene. 

#2 - Everglades National Park Is an Incredible Experience 

Sitting in the upper Florida Keys, Everglades National Park is worth adding to your trip itinerary. This 1.5 million-acre park is the largest subtropical wetland ecosystem in North America. 

In this incredible park, you will find a wide array of animals such as manatees, American alligators, American crocodiles, bottlenose dolphins, and the Florida panther - one of the most endangered animals in the world with less than 100 remaining. 

For the best views and most informative visits, you can choose to see the Everglades through an airboat tour. These tours vary in length and cost, so there is an option for everyone hoping to soak up every bit of this incredible location.

If an airboat tour isn't your style, you can always opt to take a scenic drive around the Everglades. Though you won't be able to see the entirety of the park, you can still take in plenty of views, stop and check out wildlife, and take walks through designated areas.

#3 - Delicious Food Is Common in The Florida Keys

If you're a fan of vacationing for the food, the Keys won't leave you disappointed. One of the most amazing foods here is, rightfully named, key lime pie. This dish is a staple because of the specific limes used in the pie, which originated on the islands. 

Unlike regular limes, key limes have a tarter juice and are more aromatic. This is what creates the instantly recognizable taste of key lime pie. Because of its local notoriety, you will find many restaurants serving this delicious dessert during your stay.

The Keys are also known for their seafood, with many fresh options coming in every day. Some of these options are hard to come by in other locations, such as Key West pink shrimp, Florida lobster, and the area's most popular seafood delicacy - conch. You will find some unique and delicious cuisines to try here. 

There are also many cultural influences within the Florida Keys, ranging from Cuban to French. Visitors will find a wide variety of dining options showcasing these influences during their time in the Keys. 

4 Reasons the Florida Keys Should Be on Your Bucket List
(Photo : 4 Reasons the Florida Keys Should Be on Your Bucket List)

#4 - The Keys Are Home to Unique Attractions

Your time in the Keys isn't limited to taking in ocean views or eating delicious food. The area is also home to some unique and incredible attractions you won't want to miss.

A trip to the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, where the author lived in the 1930s, might be perfect for literature lovers. Built to model French Colonial style, the home dates back to 1848. Visitors can tour the house and grounds, even meeting some furry friends along the way. There are over 40 cats on location ready to welcome you. 

Driving down to the Southern Keys will land you in Key West, home to the southernmost point in the continental U.S. The spot is easily identifiable by a large, picture-worthy buoy. Though be warned: This site does tend to draw a large number of tourists, so if you want to get a close-up, it's best to arrive early. 

Visitors looking to learn more about the area might want to visit the Florida Keys History and Discovery Center. The foundation's goal is to educate visitors on the rich history of the Keys while enjoying unique exhibits such as the first people of the Florida Keys, pirate ships, and coral reef exploration.

Entertainment lovers shouldn't miss Mallory Square, home to Sunset Celebration - a nightly arts festival. Here you will discover arts and crafts exhibits, street performers, food trucks, and even psychics. Many people flock to this event for the fun atmosphere, shopping, and lively shows. 

The Florida Keys: A Must-See Bucket List Destination

Though the Florida Keys are in the United States, a visit there may make you feel as if you've entered a completely different world. Some may feel their distance is a disadvantage, but it is what allows these unique islands to keep their charm. 

With stunning waters, striking natural beauty, delicious food, and enticing attractions both for those with and without a vehicle, it's no wonder the Keys are sought after by many as their ideal vacation destination. If you've been searching for a new location to add to your bucket list, look no further than the Florida Keys.

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