Japan is a top destination for those that love a luxurious getaway. The graceful culture and hospitality of the country - paired with a discerning eye for quality - make it a favorite for those that know hotels, food, art, and more.

Carlos Alvarez founded his boutique luxury travel company, Sui Generis Entertainment & Travel, Inc, based on his own love of luxurious travel that began in childhood when he traveled the world alongside his mother and grandmother. 

He's spent many incredible times in the land of the rising sun and has experienced firsthand the breadth and depth of the country's cultural offering as well as its top hotels. 

"Tokyo and Kyoto are the most popular destinations in the country, and sometimes picking the right hotel makes a huge difference to your experience. For example, an amazing luxury stay can define a trip. There's nowhere that is more true than in Japan," he said. 

Now, the agency he runs with his wife, Ana, serves a global clientele of discerning travelers looking for high-end travel with complete concierge services and bespoke travel deals.

Clients love how Sui Generis Entertainment & Travel, Inc can suggest unique, one-of-a-kind outings. They also report feeling pleased that Alvarez has experienced most of the offerings and can supply firsthand knowledge of each bookable experience. 

When Alvarez sends clients to Japan, he knows they are in good hands. "Japan is the cleanest and most organized country I have ever been to," he said. 

Here are the travel expert's top picks for luxurious accommodations and activities in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Let's Talk Tokyo

Where to Stay

Aman Tokyo presides over the city's most fashionable district from the top of Otemachi Tower. With a design that pairs urban dynamism with profound serenity, the experts at Aman took inspiration from traditional Japanese designs. Inside the hotel, find ikebana displays, washi paper doors, engawa platforms, ryokan-style rooms, and the award-winning Aman Spa.

The Peninsula Tokyo takes personalization a step further with 'Peninsula Time,' their unique check-in and check-out experience that provides guests maximum flexibility. With this program, guests can check in and out at any time of day and evening, provided they stay for only the number of nights they have booked. The rooms and suites are also large, airy, and 'smart' technology enabled, with breathtaking views of the city, Hibiya Park, and the Imperial Palace Gardens.

The Palace Hotel Tokyo sits moat side opposite the Imperial Palace Gardens, offering fast access to the city's best attractions. With a tranquil and refined point of view, guests love this multi-award-winning example of luxurious omotenashi, or Japanese hospitality.

What to Do

Stroll from your hotel to the Imperial Palace Gardens, and discover the history-laden Nijubashi Bridge, Ote-mon and Sakurada Gates. When you get hungry, there's never a shortage of next-level gastronomy in Tokyo, from world-famous sushi, tempura to late-night noodles.

A shopping itinerary for arts and crafts lovers could include perusing ancient Japanese crafts, including calligraphy and paint brushes, exquisite cutlery, and handmade Japanese paper. 

Exploring the largest city in the world can take time but make sure not to miss all its museums, the famous izikaya streets and amazing amount of cocktail bars. 

Discover Kyoto

Where to Stay

The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto invites guests into a world of quiet luxury on the banks of the gorgeous Kamo River. In walking distance of the historical geisha district of Gion, the hotel is also beloved for its spa focused on Japanese wellness traditions and five indulgent event spaces.

Check out Aman Kyoto and Hoshinoya for a more local Japanese feel just outside the city. 

What to Do

Enjoy an afternoon of Kyo-Karakami, or woodblock print-making, featuring traditional Japanese patterns. Or try your hand at making washi paper alongside artisans. For those with an eye toward the spiritual, a morning chant experience at Myokaku-ji Temple lets guests experience monks chanting to the best of Japanese drums. For those that love fashion and history, book a session of kimono-wearing and stroll old Kyoto wearing traditional dress.

Additionally, Kyoto serves as the heart of Japan's geisha culture. Young women train for five years to become one and there are currently a few hundred in the city. While you may find some geisha in other cities, no other city makes them go through the extensive training like Kyoto.

The city, with its deep natural beauty, is a perfect place to enjoy a range of outdoor activities as well. From tandem bike rides to hiking and from running to cycling, getting sporty in Kyoto is made all the better by the setting. 

No matter which indulgent hotel or luxurious outing you choose, the experts at Sui Generis can make sure it's everything you dream of. 

About Sui Generis Entertainment & Travel

Sui Generis Entertainment & Travel, Inc is a boutique luxury travel company that provides top-tier immersive global travel experiences. Founded by Carlos and Ana Laura Alvarez, Sui Generis can custom tailor your next trip for a one-of-a-kind adventure for families, friends, weddings and solo travelers. For more information, please visit https://www.suigeneris-travel.com/