What Goes Up Must Come Down: My Unexpected Journey at VIVAMAYR Altaussee

The Magic of VIVAMAYR Altaussee: Results I Had to Feel to Believe

My journey to VIVAMAYR, and subsequent experience of a lifetime, started even before I arrived at the facility in Altaussee, Austria. I was picked up from the airport by an official VIVAMAYR van driver who was a positively delightful human being. He prepared me well, whether he knew it or not, for the week on which I was about to embark.

As we were driving, he pointed out many amazing things for me, even where Red Bull has their office which is right across from this most beautiful lake. He told me what Austria looks like during Christmas time, how one can take a boat and go to all the Christmas shops. He pointed out different things that I would never have seen otherwise, making the whole experience of simply getting to the facility completely magical. 

Was I in my own little fairytale? Unbeknownst to me, I certainly was in store for a hero's journey, complete with the telltale challenging ordeal before the hero's road back to resurrection and the ordinary world.

In short, it was apparent to me that this man truly loved his job, a rare quality these days, especially among people who live in the city. This man loved being in nature, telling me that he even goes on vacations to nearby villages to explore neighboring outdoor locales, rather than heading to a sprawling metropolis.

All of this set a perfect precedent for me to start the trip.

At VIVAMAYR: First Impression

Upon arrival, I was greeted with a tour of VIVAMAYR, a wonderful establishment with everything anyone could ever want. My excitement peaked as I viewed the sauna, pool, and workout room on offer. Most importantly, nature is everywhere.

When I got to my bedroom, the windows were open to the most perfect view of the lake. Being lucky enough to be there in October, the season was changing. The forest of trees outside my window were doing a dance; the trees were all changing their clothes and it was breathtaking.

Purifying Foods

I had selected the Zero Plan, the most rigorous option for purifying and detoxification. I was worried that I would starve, but although my portions were delicate, that was not the case.

For dinner, I had broth with a little piece of buckwheat bread. It sounds small, but I found it to be highly satisfying.

For breakfast the following day, I was served a tablespoon of cured salmon with avocado paste.

For lunch, I had just a tiny sliver of chicken with the smallest bit of root vegetables.

One was directed to eat very slowly, instructed to chew 40 to 60 times per bite. I ended up sitting at the dinner table for 40 minutes per meal! I have never eaten so slowly or languidly for such a small amount of food: A new habit I plan to continue.

It sounds like much too little, but the way the food is presented seems so large. It is obvious that these meals were prepared with care and very well crafted for optimum health benefits. The food served to me each morning was so fresh and amazing. I felt like I was eating at a five-star restaurant for every meal.

Activities: The Challenging Ordeal

There are so many things to do each day, but I got the most pleasure from sitting on my private balcony, looking out at nature. The unobstructed view of it brings me back to who I really am. Nature is the source of God himself. Such a simple activity is centering, and so important in all of our lives.

Honestly, I thought this experience was going to be this relaxing-by-the-lake-with-a-glass-of-champagne sort of affair - of course it was not at all - quite the opposite. My doctor, to which every guest of VIVAMAYR is assigned, told me I am not allowed to drink any alcohol for the next four weeks, and no sugar either for that matter.

VIVAMAYR, the Zero Plan in particular, is more like a luxury wellness detox bootcamp, in the very best way. I admit, it took a couple days for me to get my bearings. I didn't quite understand what I was in for. There were appointments every single day, multiple times a day, to test all sorts of things: Blood tests, infusions, exercise tests, abdominal massages, all sorts of things.

While it was overwhelming at first, the results I have reaped are exponentially worth the mild feeling of swirling confusion I felt. By midweek, I felt like I had settled into the treatment and the way of life in the VIVAMAYR facility.

A Typical Day on the Zero Plan

As an example, my Wednesday started with yoga, which was beautiful. The stretching was lovely and was exactly what my body needed - a trend, it seems, that VIVAMAYR consistently knows to deliver.

Next was cryotherapy, which I was nervous about since I do not like the cold. For the uninitiated, cryotherapy is the practice of standing in -230 degrees Fahrenheit, -110 degrees Celsius, in a supervised chamber for a short period of time, usually two to three minutes. Among many benefits, it is said to boost immunity. The practice was exhilarating, although quite difficult for me. I felt invincible and so strong afterwards.

Next came infusions, then acupuncture: And this is where things got weird.

I was lying on the acupuncture table, telling the doctor how I'd finally gotten a good night's sleep. The cryotherapy had felt amazing, and I was getting into the swing of things, I told her. As she prodded me with needles, I started crying, for no reason at all. I had no idea why! The doctor asked me if the acupuncture was hurting me, which it was not.

I didn't know why I was crying. I wasn't sad and I was quite far from upset. So many tears came out, and I later realized that my body was releasing all of the tension and stress that I have been carrying around for the past couple of years. I was finally in a place, physically and mentally, where I could let it go. So I did. I just cried on the acupuncture table with needles in my body.

It was interesting, but so good and therapeutic. It was what I needed.

Next I had an abdominal treatment and an electrolysis foot bath, followed by spiro-geometry, where they informed me that my breathing is very good. I was also told that I am good at exercising (and who doesn't want to hear that), and also that I burn the most fat when I am walking - an interesting thing for me to hear since I walk for an hour every morning to start my day.

Magical Results

After all of these appointments, I went for a beautiful nature walk. Looking at the fall leaves, I felt like I could see colors more brightly now; I could see every color of every leaf. I could hear the ducks, I could hear the children laughing and playing, I could hear the crunching of leaves underneath my feet.

I don't know if it was because I cut out all caffeine or alcohol or sweets; perhaps just being there and not being stressed. Whatever the reason, I felt like I was able to pay better attention to my surroundings. The walk felt like heaven, like walking through bliss, so magical and incredible. I felt like I could truly experience every moment.

I haven't craved coffee, I haven't craved junk food. I haven't felt like I've neglected or deprived myself in any way. I feel well-nourished, full, happy, purified, even majestic, and so utterly relaxed. I feel every part of not only my body, but mental and spiritual well being, is relaxed. I am in tune with myself and in tune with nature. I am in tune with God.

This has been the most astonishing experience. Whatever the magic of VIVAMAYR is, it works. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. I learned that it is okay to slow down in order to speed up. It is okay to take a week off, even as a business owner - in fact it is necessary - if the leader is not good, the team cannot be good. This was my first vacation in two years, and I could not have spent it in a better way.

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