Going on a holiday is always a nice thing. There are big trips where you go on a plane to the opposite side of the world. But there are also the smaller ones where you hit the road to the next state or two. Regardless where you're going, you need to plan your trip properly.

Now that car ownership is at an all-time high, backpacking and going on a road trip is even more popular. On top of that, some like to take it up a notch by buying or renting out a recreational vehicle (RV) or a campervan from dealers like Wilderness Campervans, among others. An RV can make your road trips more comfortable, as you have a home on the road. However, even the most seasoned road trippers still need to plan their trips accordingly.

If you're going on a road trip soon, here are a few dos and don'ts to be mindful of when planning one.

1. Do Give The Campervan A Thorough Inspection

A reliable campervan rental company never rents out a vehicle that's not road-worthy. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't give the vehicle a thorough inspection. The last thing you want during the road trip is to make a stop at a mechanic because your campervan broke down. An inspection is the best way to prevent any issues, so you can enjoy your road trip as planned. 

With that, here are some of the most important things you have to check first:

  • Check the oil levels and the oil filter. If the RV needs an oil change, do this before you even start on the first day of your trip. Don't hope to stop somewhere along the way for this. 

  • Look over the belts, as this affects the A/C, the pump for power steering, and even the alternator to charge the battery.

  • Check the tire pressure and condition. Tire pressure and condition can affect the vehicle's handling on the road, so ensure you have a fully pumped tire. Moreover, keep a jack and spare tire handy in case you blow out your tires.

2. Do Keep The Plan Realistic

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While you want to make the most of your road trip, you don't need to push yourself each day to the point driving becomes stressful. Road trips are supposed to be slow, easy, and comfortable. So keep that in mind when planning your itinerary.

Keep your itinerary as realistic as possible so you can take in every destination in the best way possible. There's no rushing, no running around, and no pressure about not sticking to your schedule. 

For instance, say you have kids with you during the road trip. Make room for quick stops, more time to relax for the kids, and even more child-friendly destinations. A memorable road trip is one where everyone's happy, both on and off the road. That way, you don't deal with screaming kids in your campervan, ultimately destroying the day. 

3. Don't Forget To Plan Your Stops 

Going on a road trip means you're going to take a few stops here and there for meals, to stretch your legs, to use the restroom, and even to call it a day. You can also plan those stops for destinations and sights you want to see. But don't forget the other essential stops for your comfort.

Once you have your destinations sorted out, plan your itinerary to include all your stops. Research every destination you plan to visit to identify the best and safest places to make those stops. Because you're bringing a campervan with you, you have to be more particular about parking spaces. Your RV might not fit normal parking spaces that regular cars can fit in. Moreover, ensure each stop has the amenities you need.

4. Don't Pick The Wrong Travel Buddy

This second don't doesn't apply if you're still planning whom you're taking with you on the trip. This is usually the case when you intend to travel with family or friends, but naturally, you don't want to go with someone you don't know. You wouldn't want to be stuck with someone who can't pull their weight, who is too loud, or who gets too sick when on the road. 

Being selective with your travel buddies ensures a pleasant journey. Remember, on road trips, the journey matters as much as the destination does. 

Time To Hit The Road

Everyone knows road trips bring thrilling and fun adventures. But it's not something you plan at the last minute. Most successful road trips happen because of good planning and effort so you can enjoy your trip on the very first day. With these tips, you should be ready to hit the road.