Remember when you were young and spent all your time hanging with your girlfriends? You didn't have a care in the world as you found new ways to connect, explore, take risks, and have fun. Then you got older and life threw you a ton of responsibilities that make it difficult to link with your friends. You love your life, but sometimes you wish you could rewind the clock and just hang with the girls. 

Although there's no time machine (just yet), you can recreate your youth by planning a girl's trip. It's a few days away from your daily routine where you guys can let your hair down and have a good time. As you start ironing out the details like the date, destination, hotel accommodations, airline tickets, and activities, remember to include these safety practices in the mix. 

Safe Destinations

The world is in a very volatile space. Wars, talks of war, increased illness, and high crime are prevalent, requiring travelers to prioritize their safety. Before deciding on a destination, check if it is high or low-risk for US travelers. If there are bans or warnings, selecting another place to visit for your girl's trip is best. 

Pack Wisely

There's nothing wrong with wanting to dress up during your girl's trip. It's an opportunity to wear things you can't wear to the office or while running errands with the kids. You probably also have a few fancy things on the itinerary that require you to put on your best. However, you must consider your safety when packing for your vacation. 

Avoid bringing too many valuables as they can attract the wrong kind of attention. When it comes to jewelry and accessories, keep it cute and classic. Opting for neutral pieces that pair well with your day or evening attire is ideal. For instance, a plain gold watch with matching hoops and a simple charm necklace adds personality to your fashion without being too flashy. 

Leave Itinerary And Contact Info

When traveling it's ideal to let someone know your whereabouts. That way, if something goes wrong, they know how to reach you. Let your significant other, parents, or a trusted relative know your travel destination, flight and airport information, and hotel contact details. You should also provide an itinerary of your plans and the numbers of your friends traveling with you. 

Secure Your Belongings

When you arrive at your hotel, find out how you can secure your personal belongings. Some hotels offer safes with security codes you can use to protect your valuables. You should leave any pricey jewelry, your passport, cash, and your keys in the safe during your trip. 

Create A Buddy System

Buddy systems aren't just for grade-school children during field trips, they're also ideal for adults. Assign buddies to each of your friends. It's the buddy's job to ensure that they are safe and remain with the group. If you guys decide to venture off and do different activities, ensure that you take your buddy with you. 

Identify Meeting Points

It's easy to get lost when you're exploring a new destination, especially if it's crowded. It's also common for friends to split up and experience different things. Having a meeting point ensures everyone can link at the same spot or locate something that's lost. 

Have Fun!

Don't let all the safety talk keep you from having a good time. You don't get to see your friends often, so, make the most of your trip. Try things you enjoyed when you were young, introduce each other to new hobbies and interests, relax, talk, take lots of pictures, and enjoy being with the girls. 

When you're with the girls, there's no doubt you're going to have a good time. Take a break from "adulting" and plan a getaway for your besties. As long as you follow the safety advice listed above, you guys are sure to have an amazing experience and a safe return home.