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Top 5 Holiday Destinations in Europe for Large Families

Travelers Today       By    David Thompson

Updated: Jun 10, 2022 02:38 PM EDT

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Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

(Photo: Roman Kraft on Unsplash)

Anyone who has tried travelling with a big family knows that it can come with many challenges. But if planned well, travelling with the family can be a lot of fun! A holiday with your kids can create lifetime memories, allowing everyone to reconnect and spend some quality time, especially if you visit the beautiful region of Europe. But, perhaps, the biggest question when planning a holiday for large families is where should you go? 

Check out our suggestions below for the top holiday destinations in Europe for large families.

Lake Garda 

Exploring Lake Garda with the family is guaranteed to be a great adventure! It offers several family-friendly attractions to explore and is an ideal base for other famous Italian cities like Milan, Verona, and Venice. 

There are tons of things in Lake Garda that can keep both adults and kids entertained. One of these is Gardaland, Italy's largest theme park. It's a vast place offering spectacular rides and exhilarating shows that will delight visitors of all ages. Another fun activity with the family is exploring Lake Garda's picturesque villages. The lake is dotted with many beautiful villages home to museums, gelato shops, and local markets. 

The best way to explore Lake Garda's gorgeous landscape is to get on a boat with the entire family. Ferries run regularly throughout the lake, and some ferries will even allow you to take your car. Consider going on a boat trip from the western shore towards Malcesine on the eastern side, where you can glimpse the town's medieval Scaliger Castle. 

The Algarve

As one of Europe's best destinations for family holidays, Portugal enjoys an excellent climate and is home to pristine beaches and child-friendly resorts. Families going to Portugal will be surprised by how welcoming the locals are to families, especially those with little kids. 

The Algarve is where most families would go for a holiday in Portugal, and rightfully so. It's a fantastic holiday destination for families, with its stunning beaches and a wide variety of activities for kids of all ages. Moreover, there are plenty of Algarve holiday rentals and lettings in the Algarve that cater to big families. There are several large villas all over the region, and some of these have amenities for the kids, such as a kiddie pool and playground.

You will not run out of things to do in the Algarve with your family. There are theme parks, waterparks, golf courses, and facilities for boat tours. No matter your kids' ages and your family's preferences and interests, there will always be something to entertain you in the Algarve.


Given its diverse landscapes that consist of sweeping beaches, quiet countryside, rolling hillsides and dramatic cliffs, Dorset is one of those destinations in the UK famous for its outstanding scenery. Many interesting attractions await you in Dorset, from ancient castles to stately homes and abbeys, many of which you have probably seen on movies or TV shows.

If you're looking to escape the chaos of the city to relax and rejuvenate, you should visit places like Wimborne Minster, Shaftesbury, and Blandford Forum. The tranquillity of these unspoilt countrysides and picturesque villages are guaranteed to relax your family. The maximise the effect, consider staying in a one of the beautifully quaint Dorset holiday homes with stunning views of the iconic scenery. With plenty for large families including, long miles of scenic hiking trails and marvel at the panoramic views of the lush woodland as you relish in the smell of bluebells and other wildflowers.

You'll find even more interesting landscapes in West Dorset, which lies on the stunning Jurassic Coast and offers numerous fun activities for visitors of all ages. This stretch of World Heritage Site starts at the beautiful seaside town of Lyme Regis. You'll also find Durdle Door within the Jurassic Coast, a natural limestone arch and one of Dorset's most iconic landmarks.


Mallorca has long been a favourite destination for families visiting Spain. This paradise island is suitable for families who love to explore the great outdoors and are fond of visiting cultural sites and historical attractions. Of course, the island is also home to stunning beaches, with several of them safe for little kids.

Mallorca is home to some beautiful theme parks where you can spend some quality time with the family. The largest and the most popular is Aqualand El Arenal, which offers numerous fun activities for adults and kids. The Jungle Parc Mallorca might be more to your liking if you have more adventurous kids. This adventure park offers exciting activities for active families, from monkey swings to high-rope courses and ziplining.

There are also stunning natural landscapes waiting for you to explore in Mallorca. The Coves del Drach is one of these. It's a network of four fascinating caves, including an underground lake. Featuring a pathway about 2.5 miles long, you and your kids will have a blast exploring this amazing attraction. If you want to visit a place where you can enjoy peace and serenity, head to Cabrera Island. It's a beautiful national park with idyllic beaches and offers excellent snorkelling opportunities.

Lisbon Coast 

The gorgeous coast around Lisbon offers a relaxing escape from the bustling capital cities. For families seeking relaxation in Portugal, visiting the Lisbon coast would be ideal. The region is also home to some of the country's historical jewels, attracting thousands of visitors, from the Catholic pilgrimage site of Fatima to the 12th-century monastery in Alcobaça.

For families who want to escape the crowds, rent a car, get off the main roads, venture into the country roads, and drive from Ericeira to Peniche or the Tróia Peninsula and the charming town of Comporta. Along the way, you'll come across smaller harbour villages, tranquil estuaries, and hilltop castles. Active families who love hiking will find plenty of scenic trails to conquer along the coast, such as the Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais. Here, you'll find scenic hiking trails carving through Serra de Sintra, a majestic mountain range that stretches into Cabo da Roca.

After a day of exploring the Lisbon coast, you deserve to relax in a nice place. So, check out the stunning family villas in Portugal suitable for large families, where you will find spacious accommodations with several bedrooms and excellent facilities.


While Greece is famous for honeymooners and those on romantic getaways, some of the Greek islands are more suited for families. One of these is Crete, the largest of all the islands, offering incredibly diverse attractions, from stunning mountains to beautiful beaches and interesting ruins and historical sights. 

The Chrissi Akti Beach is a popular beach for families visiting Crete. It has soft powdery sands, perfect for playing with your little ones. The beach also offers fun activities for kids of all ages, including snorkelling. A great alternative to the beach is the Watercity water park. You and your kids can try out the various rides, water slides, wave pools, whirlpools, and lazy rivers.

Take the time to explore the charming harbour town of Chania. Its harbour is lined with cosy cafes and has a beautiful lighthouse. Wander along its narrow streets and check out the cute little shops selling souvenir items. When dinner comes, make your way to one of the beachfront restaurants and order the freshest seafood dish.

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