Becoming a teacher is a fantastic career choice. There will always be children who need to learn, so this job is always in demand. As older teachers retire, they pass the baton to a new generation of teachers who will help develop the next generation. When you're looking at colleges and where to pursue your education, consider an Arizona teaching certificate. There are plenty of benefits to teaching in Arizona, here are a few of the reasons why you should pursue your certification in this western state.  

To Help Students Learn

We all have the memory of a teacher who impacted us for better or for worse. Some of us remember the teacher or the coach who inspired us to do better and could see the potential in us. Some remember the teachers who berated us and made us doubt our ability to succeed. Whether it was a positive or negative experience that made you realize how important teachers are for young people, you should get a teaching certificate in Arizona if you want to help students learn. Not only that but if you're ready to encourage students and try to draw out the best in them. These are all great reasons to become a teacher.

Excellent Job Prospects

Arizona has a good mix of urban and rural areas. If you want to teach kids in areas that are underserved, there are plenty of jobs in those places as well. Sometimes those opportunities can even help you pay off your student loans faster if you commit to a specific number of years teaching in an underserved area. The great news about Arizona having a good mix of teaching opportunities at all grade levels is that you can choose the ages of students you want to teach and get a certification to match.

Good Benefits

Arizona school districts are known for offering good benefits to their staff. This includes medical, dental, and other discount opportunities. If you want a job that will offer some decent benefits, getting a teacher certification in Arizona is a great path for you. Other benefits include reimbursement for higher education which can help teachers advance in their careers.

Special Retirement Benefits

One of the reasons teachers love to work in Arizona is that they have a teacher's pension plan. This means that there is money set aside for when you finally decide to retire in Arizona. This is above and beyond any money you choose to put into a 401K or another retirement plan. After a certain number of months working in Arizona, teachers, and all state employees qualify for a pension plan that is based on how much you made while working there and the number of years you worked.

There are Many Paths to Licensure

Getting certified in Arizona requires a bachelor's degree in any field. If you didn't pursue education when you first went to college, this doesn't mean that you need a new bachelor's degree. Taking the right steps, including coursework, student teaching, and taking certain tests can help you qualify for certification even if your initial plans did not include teaching.

Warm Weather Year-Round

Most areas of Arizona are known for their hot temperatures and warm weather all year long. People love to live in Arizona because of it. It means that you can hit the pool to relax any time of the year. You can hike the Grand Canyon or take photos of the most incredible sunsets. Living in Arizona has many perks, but the weather is certainly one great reason to pursue teaching certification in this beautiful state.

There are plenty of benefits and reasons why you should pursue teacher certification in Arizona. Getting licensed as a teacher opens up doors of opportunity that would've been closed before. When you're first starting out teaching, it can feel overwhelming, but having the backing of a system that can help you move forward and achieve your goals through more education or further certification is a big plus. Additionally, living and working in Arizona means you'll almost never have to worry about snow days or trying to catch up due to weather-related closures. It's a beautiful and wonderful place to call home and start your career as a teacher.