After two years spent on-off again traveling, there is still plenty to do and lots of excitement for getting back out there. How do you plan to book your next trip? What are the top travel trends in 2022? This list includes destinations that offer responsible travel experiences and big bucket list adventures.

1. Scandinavia

Over two years of travel have been lost, so more people are willing and able to spend more money on their 2022 vacation destinations. Scandinavia is the ideal place to find extravagance. Imagine luxury hotels that are situated on the edge of plunging fjords. Or world-class train rides winding through lush hills. Think of grand palaces that are rich in royal history, as well as stylish cities with the best bars, restaurants and shops. Nordic travels to 2022 should include Scandinavia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Denmark.

2. Australia & New Zealand

We won't take a holiday for granted ever again. This is why 2022 will be the year we go all-out with big bucket list destinations such as Australia and New Zealand. Both countries are bucket list destinations with their breathtaking landscapes, incredible wildlife, delicious cuisine, and amazing cultures. As soon as these borders are open again we expect plenty of travelers to make their way down to ..... So get in first in 2022!

3. Costa Rica

There's never been an easier time to take good care of your health. Costa Rica is a paradise for those who want to unwind and recharge their mind, bodies and souls. It's a great place to return to nature, with many jungle adventures, wildlife excursions, volcano treks, and plenty of beach time.

Additionally, you'll be able to meet inspirational locals such as wildlife conservationists and organic farmers. This will be the most important trend in travel in 2022, so start planning your Costa Rica adventure. You can use a large canvas world map to pin your favorite destination to travel on your wall.

4. Georgia & Armenia

Tired looking at the four walls around your home? You might be ready for something more. Georgia and Armenia are both incredible, yet underexplored, European countries.

They may not be well known, but they are predicted to be a rising trending destination in 2022. Make plans now. Georgia and Armenia will be the perfect destinations for an unforgettable adventure in 2022.

5. Canada

Spending time outside is great for your mental and physical well-being... Canada offers the perfect place. When you first see the stunning Canadian Rocky's snowy peaks and the Jasper National Parks' emerald lakes, you will be infatuated with our beautiful planet. Explore the Athabasca Glacier by train, ride the Rocky Mountaineer train and learn about the traditions of the country's indigenous population. Canada is definitely on 2022's radar.

6. Greece & Italy

After such difficult times, we could all enjoy some predictable pleasure. Italy and Greece never let us down. The stunning islands, the romantic cities and the rich history are just a few of the many reasons why you should visit Italy.

No matter whether you prefer to stroll through the wineries of Tuscany or just relax on the beaches of Santorini beach, you will have an unforgettable time in this part of the world. What's even better? It is possible to combine Italy or Greece in one amazing trip.

7. Singapore

Singapore is a great place to take a break after enduring two tough years. This luxurious city-state offers the ideal place for a short vacation or a long stopover. Singapore had the most successful responses to the Pandemic. It is therefore a safer option when you travel in 2022.

Think of extravagant skyscrapers and malls as well breathtaking gardens and waterfalls. Enjoy world-class attractions, museums, and vibrant neighborhoods. Enjoy a diverse array of cuisines and cultures, ranging from China to Malaysia to India. Singapore truly has it all. This is why it is expected to be a trendy destination in 2022.

8. Great Britain, Ireland

Great Britain and Ireland should be high on your 2022 list of travel destinations. They offer the best combination of history and nature. This is a place where you can enjoy the best of both worlds, as well as centuries worth of history.

Wander through regal castles. Then, explore the Scottish Highlands, Cornwall and the golden beaches of Devon & Cornwall. You can explore the secrets of Stonehenge's Giant's Causeway. Later, you can follow in the footsteps of writers and poets of the Lakes District. Great Britain and Ireland, with their friendly locals welcoming visitors at all stops, will be one the most soul-stirring tourist destinations in 2022.