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Tips for Convincing a Non-Angler to Try Fishing

Travelers Today       By    David Thompson

Updated: Nov 02, 2021 09:39 AM EDT

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Tips for Convincing a Non-Angler to Try Fishing

(Photo: Photo by Mael BALLAND on Unsplash)

Choosing between a friend and a favorite pastime can be a great dilemma. If you are wondering about how to convince a non-angler to accompany you on a fishing expedition, this article is for you. 

Fishing might be meditative for you, but some may not like doing it at all. However, despite your differences of ideas and interests, you may get along with those people, and they may well hold an intimate position in your life as family, friends, or loved ones-and you are likely to wish to share your hobbies with them too! But will a non-angler go fishing with you?

Before finding the answer, we must explore why someone may be reluctant to go fishing. There can be several reasons.

They Have Never Been Fishing

If someone is reluctant about something, that doesn't necessarily mean they hate it. The person you are anxious to take fishing with you may only be unwilling because they have no practical idea, and they just assume they will get bored by the idea they have of fishing.

Some people get excited about things they have never done, while some tend to be more resistant to doing new things due to their fear, discomfort, or insecurity.

They Have Been Discouraged

They may have gone fishing in the past and experienced something unpleasant, possibly from someone they were with being rude or doing something that they didn't appreciate.

They Fear Getting Messy

Let's face it: Fishing can be messy. There is no way to avoid getting a little wet. But a little preparation takes most of the unpleasantness out of this part of it.

Thankfully, there is a new spray that can waterproof both you and your gear while fishing. So this is no longer a legitimate concern. Check The Nature Insider for more information. 

They Have a Water Phobia

Having a water phobia is not uncommon. Many suffer from this without having had a prior traumatic experience. They find it scary to go out on the water for fishing and the thought of staying there for a long time may panic them even more.

They Find Fishing Old-fashioned

Especially in today's world, we've gotten used to doing things in a rush and having immediate gratification. People these days want everything fast, be that food or fun. Many don't understand the appeal of leisurely activities such as fishing, considering it a boring, old-fashioned hobby.

They Are Always Too Busy

Some people are too busy in their lives to plan for leisure time, let alone a time-consuming activity like fishing. In most cases, these people are often busier in their minds than in reality.

They are Hyperactive

The one you wish to take fishing with you may be too impatient and restless to find fun in an activity like fishing, which acquires a great deal of patience to sit in the same place for ages holding a rod waiting for fish. Thus they may well be unable to tolerate it.

There can be many other reasons, though these are a number of the most common ones. However, a positive outcome is possible with some well-planned tips and tricks and a little effort.

How to Convince a Non-Angler to Go Fishing

Share your experiences and wisdom

Let them have a sneak peek at your enthralling angler's life. Tell them stories of your fishing trips and fascinating facts about fish and fishing that only a passionate angler would know. No matter what they may think, you know well enough how engaging and exciting fishing can be, so open it up to them.

Sharing your experiences and wisdom can be an effective way to build interest in them which may lead them to say yes to fishing, or at least get them thinking about it.

However, be careful not to bore them with your endless fishing tales; they should find your stories charming, not tedious. Try to understand their views, ask them why they don't go fishing, then talk accordingly. Regardless of the subject matter, the right words said at the right moment can do wonders.

Keep the Duration Short Initially

Try to build up their interest little by little. Take into consideration your partner's stamina while planning your initial fishing trips. It's better to start with a short duration to keep it comfortable and fun for them.

If possible, you may also try to include small fishing parties with other friends to make it more of an event.

Choose a Bright and Sunny Day

For you, any day may work, but for your companion, it may not be the same. So avoid wet days and weather that's too hot or cold to be pleasant. Check the weather update while you plan your fishing trip; find a beautiful day with sunshine, blue sky, and a cool breeze in a beautiful setting.

Pick a time and place that will be perfect for spending outdoors so they will enjoy themselves even if they are hesitant to fish. With time, they will realize how much fun it is to spend time in nature and may even find that they enjoy angling with you. 

Make it Well-Planned

Plan your outing well; they must not end up getting the wrong impression about fishing on the very first day. Try to avoid any kind of mishap and make sure it creates a pleasant memory for them. You may plan some surprises. A fishing related gift such as gear, a souvenir, or some kind of fancy fishing accessory could be just the thing to spark their interest.

Buying them a book on fishing would be thoughtful as well. Get something to suit their taste: an angler's guide, introductory books on fishes, a travel story about a fishing village, a novel, etc. Reading the book before your outing may help them feel somewhat familiar and involved.

Go Somewhere with a High Possibility of Success

A first-timer is like a child: They want a sense of accomplishment and appreciation of their efforts. They can also be easily discouraged from repeating an experience that did not provide those things. Take your new fishing buddy somewhere with a good stock, so they have a good chance of catching a fish! This may prove what hooks the non-angler and makes them want to come back again and again.

Even if they fail to catch any, encourage them by appreciating their effort and the tactics they tried. However, if they are just there to accompany you, watching you catch a lot of fish may pique their interest.

Include Other Activities

When planning your fishing date with a non-angler, mix it up with other fun activities. You may arrange a canoe to take you to your secret fishing spot or do some paddleboarding while taking a tour around the lake. You may also take binoculars and a camera for your partner to watch birds and do a little nature photography for their Instagram stories.

Decide on a nice place to stop and have a meal on your way back home. It can be a barbecue feast with the fish you've caught if you are allowed to keep them. You may also want to arrange for books, magazines, radio, podcasts, etc. to keep them happily engaged while you are on the water.

Plan a Holiday Trip to a Fishing Paradise

There are many exotic tourist destinations in the world where fish & fishing is a part of their culture. There you may enjoy festivals, local fish dishes, and exciting fishing activities for anglers. Taking your companion to one of those places on a holiday trip may intrigue the sleeping angler in them too!

Have a Feast

It would be amazing to have a barbecue feast with the fish you two have caught. So make sure you can keep them. You may arrange it by the lake or in your backyard; camping goes great with it too! Or you can simply carry them home and try different recipes of finger-licking dishes to create the perfect end to the perfect day.

Finally, Try Their Favorite Activities Too

On the contrary, their hobbies may not be interesting to you either! But you should accompany them if you want them to accompany you. It will help strengthen your bond if you have several things you both enjoy doing together. Regardless, getting your friend into fishing may be a long-term challenge. But being an angler, you are sure to have enough bait to hook them on the idea if you want to.  

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