The COVID-19 vaccination rollout has greatly boosted many industries by letting them operate safely, and flying is a major one. You'll feel great looking down on the world from the window of an airplane and landing somewhere fun and new after spending so long in your home during the lockdown.

But you might be a little bit rusty after such a long time away. If so, check out these old reminders and new tips.

Drive Yourself to the Airport

Taking an Uber or a cab is no longer the most efficient way of getting to the airport. Now, you can park your car at Calgary YYC airport or any location in more than 75 North American cities because it's the cheapest way to commute to and from airports.

Simply book your parking spot online and show the attendant the reservation upon your arrival. They'll wave you through, and you can hop on the free shuttle to your terminal. Some operators offer reward points, making an already cheap method of travel even more cost-effective.

Driving yourself to the airport also lets you enjoy the familiarity of your own vehicle, and you won't be dependent on someone else's schedule.

Pack Your Own Meals

Airport food always has a mark-up because there's no competition - nobody is going to go through the hassle of leaving the airport to find a better or cheaper restaurant, especially after passing through security! 

Bringing your own food to eat is always cheaper and yummier. Enjoy controlling the portion size as well as nutrition and flavour levels. You won't have to worry about allergies or feel like a sucker eating mediocre, over-priced food and drinks.

Bring Only What You Need

Airports are charging fees for overweight luggage, and even checking in a bag often comes with its own price tag. Avoid such fees altogether by packing everything you'll need for the trip in your carry-on bags. 

Bonus: if you carry all your bags onto the plane with you, it's impossible for the airline to misplace them accidentally. 

Get Clothes Made for Travelling

Today's commuter clothes combine functionality and style in impressive ways. People who need to rush from the airport to make it to a meeting or an event will appreciate beautiful pants and shirts that look great when they're out while being comfortable enough to wear on long flights.

The best commuter pants are wrinkle-resistant and wick sweat away, so you'll look and smell fresh when you're on the go. Plus, they have secure pockets where you can safely stow valuables such as your wallet, keys, passport, phone, and more.

You won't believe how these clothes stretch for comfort while retaining their shape, so they don't look sloppy. 

The COVID-19 vaccination has made air travel substantially safer, and now the world feels larger than it did for many months. Get your vaccination, comply with all recommendations from health experts, and keep the above tips in mind to have a safe, stylish, and cheaper flight this fall.