The two kinds of people who are most likely to go on a big vacation in the upcoming year are those who have lots of experience travelling and those who don't. While the first group has been waiting on the sidelines for their favourite pastime to resume ever since the borders closed, the second group is the most likely to have decided that now is the time to stop putting off the plans they've always wanted to actualize. 

Vacations are for Everyone! 

That isn't to say that these are the only two kinds of people who will take vacations this year or even in the following few years. Due to the lack of possibility in the world of travel and exploration that has recently plagued the entire globe, experts are predicting that the upcoming year will be one of the busiest in recent history for vacations. They are even naming this phenomenon "revenge travel." 

How to Make it Happen

If you're among the many people who want to get away to your dream destination and yet are struggling to find a way to make it all happen, there may be a few solutions that you haven't considered. Your best bet on going on a fantastic vacation might be to follow one of the following tricks and tips as a shortcut to vacation heaven.   

Start Entering Online Contests

One of the most common rewards you can win if you enter an online vacation contest is a stunning vacation. Online contests are far and away the easiest way to achieve your dream trip. All you need to do to get started is to find vacation contests in Canada that you can quickly fill out to apply. 

Some of the recent possibilities for vacation contests spotted online include a trip to tropical Costa Rica, a posh Glamping Package or a Baseball Hall of Fame ceremony. With all of these options available, it won't be hard to find the kind of vacation contest that best suits your desires. 

Start a Travel-Themed Blog

If you're social media savvy and are good in front of a camera, you might be able to turn your natural charisma and charm into a lucrative payout. More people are finding out that it is possible to work posting travel blog entries online and receive comped stays at resorts, airfare or cruise trips. The more followers you end up gaining on social media and linking to your blog, the more likely companies will want to offer you free perks in exchange for positive reviews. 

Catch Some Deals on Airfare and Hotels

While these deals may go fast, some airlines and hotels are offering exceptional discounts as an incentive to get people to return to travelling as early as possible. If you can go right away, already have some money set aside, and can act fast, you can take advantage of these lower prices. For some people, this may be the only opportunity to make their dreams happen for quite some time. 

You might spend your entire life trying to save for the vacation you truly want, but it is easy to get sidetracked. Surprise expenses always come up and turn your tropical getaway into a camping trip a short drive away. The only way to increase your chances of winning that vacation of your dreams is to start applying to online contests today.