Weekends are a breather after the constant hustle of the whole week; add-on public holidays on Fridays or Saturdays make it a long weekend. This gives people time to revive themselves, go on a vacation, organize house parties, or finish some pending work.

Here's a guide that recommends some interesting ideas on how to take advantage of public holidays 2022.

Declutter your home

Weekdays are too busy to look after your own self, leave aside home. However, public holidays are the best time to get off that pile of cloth into the washing machine, arrange the television cabinet, discard all the empty beer bottles and food packets, and last but not least, clean the surfaces of the tables, chairs, racks, and shelves in a home.

This is one of the most fulfilling plans as it not only recreates the ambiance of the home but also satisfies the satiety of a cleanliness lover. 


After an exhausting week, the body demands rest and fresh air. It is advisable to keep track of the calendar for public holidays to avoid paying extra charges on tickets to a hill station, trek, desert, or beach destinations. 

So, pick up the passport and plan an exciting weekend getaway with friends and family to have fun while not having a pay cut for a leave.

You can also plan a staycation to have a different vibe away from home and rejuvenate your mental health. 

Skill learning 

Skills are the most valuable assets. A regular work schedule doesn't give enough space to accommodate time for learning a skill or practicing your hobby. But, do not repeat the same mistake on holiday.

Let this break be a fiesta to yourself. Reflect on your likings and identify a skill that you need or a hobby that you've been missing out on. Sign up for a short course and begin immediately to make the best use of this hiatus.

Grocery Shopping 

Firstly, go to the kitchen and find out the items on the verge of ending and look over your personal items of need that need to be brought from the market. Prepare a list and pick a bag; it's time for grocery shopping.

Make sure you buy enough items that will last till the next time you can manage a trip to the market. Organize all products on the shelves and drawers designated to them. This will avoid last-minute hassle when you are getting late for work on a weekday.

Wind up pending tasks 

Let's clear the to-do list. Check it again and finish all the pending chores and responsibilities assigned to you. It is recommended to put a call to the office of government authorities before going for official work like passport or driver's license renewal, birth certificate issuance, or insurance upgrade to confirm leave on a public holiday.

Yoga camp

Besides pending work and vacation, physical health also needs attention. Join weekend yoga camps or meditation groups to relieve your body of unnecessary anxiety and introduce it to mindfulness. 

Although the camp might end with the holiday, the learning and practice will stay lifelong.