There is nothing more exciting than a road trip with a bunch of friends. And, in a country like India, road trips are the best way to satisfy your cravings for adventure. You just need to pack your bags up, get your leather strap keychain, fuel up your car or bike, start the engine, and explore the best places in India.

Road Trips To Explore In India

Mumbai To Goa

The distance between the route from Mumbai to Goa is 600 km. If you are wondering about going on a road trip with your friends, you should take National Highway 17. This picturesque route gives you pleasure and varieties of food stalls in its way. December to January is considered to be the best time for this road trip.

Delhi To Manali To Leh

A road trip from Delhi to Manali To Leh is one of the best places to explore in India. With beautiful landscapes in the way, it is an absolute and mesmerizing journey to take. However, the roads of Leh are quite tricky and risky, but their scenic beauty makes the trip worthwhile. So, if you are a daring bike rider, you can definitely choose to go on this trip.

Ahmedabad To Diu

The two famous places of the country, Ahmedabad and Diu, are a must for road trips in India. Road trip from the city of textile to the beach territory of Gujarat means exploring the beautiful Arabian Sea. Moreover, it is the most enjoyable and exciting trip one can ever experience in your life.

Bangalore To Bandipur Forest

If you have a bucket list for a road trip, you should surely add this trip to your list. It is one of the most beautiful road trips through the forest in India. You can take the route from Mysore to Ooty passing through Bandipur National Park. Go on this road trip with your friends in a sunroof car and sing throughout the journey. You will also encounter a herd of deer calmly crossing the road. It is the best journey of all time!

Kolkata To Digha

If you want a road trip to the seashores, then go for the Kolkata To Digha trip. You will encounter greenery and picturesque landscapes throughout the journey. The combination of soothing sun, the sea, and the sand make it one of the best road trips you will ever have. Moreover, the safe and comfortable route gives you an amazing riding experience to Digha. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you know all the amazing road trips you can have in India, what are you waiting for? Grab all the necessary items like first aid, leather strap keychain to keep all your keys in place, and other significant documents, and get to these road trips one by one. Explore the facets, attitudes, and fascinating beauty of India as much as you can. After all, nothing can beat the excitement one can get from a road trip.