Spending your time partaking in outdoor adventures is something that will absolutely change your life. It will open your eyes to the world and allow you to experience new and unforgettable moments. So, where in the U.S. should you go to get these opportunities? We have a few ideas for you!

Los Angeles, CA

6 Must-See Places in the U.S. For Outdoor Adventures
(Photo : 6 Must-See Places in the U.S. For Outdoor Adventures)

Los Angeles is normally seen as a bustling city with too much traffic and too many people. Although that is indeed true, it still has so much more to offer! There are hikes, beaches, tons of patio restaurants, and even an observatory to be able to spend your time outdoors-don't forget your hiking shoes, beach towel, and sunglasses. You will be able to get your fitness and time in the sunshine during the day, and will have plenty of nightlife to keep you busy after sunset. We suggest finding a place to stay near where you want to spend most of your time, though. That will cut down on the amount of time you spend in traffic.

Denver, CO

You might not think of Denver as an option for your outdoor adventures, but it is time to put it on your must-see list! Denver has so many options of adventures for you to go on, you will be sad you hadn't checked it out sooner. Denver has activities in all seasons, but they really shine in the winter. There are so many snow sports you can take part in; you are going to have a hard time leaving. Or if you are on your way there in the nicer weather, you can camp and backpack to your heart's content. Plus, with all the cheap flights from Denver, you will be able to save money, and spend more on activities while you are there!


Maui, HI

The entire state of Hawaii is an outdoors lover's paradise. But Maui is a great mix of the relaxation and nature associated with Hawaii, but it also has a lot more to offer. You can hike, bike, boat, swim, snorkel, off-road, camp, or lounge (plus more) on the island of Maui. One of the best parts about Hawaii is that you will be able to catch some rays and you can be as active as you want. You can relax one day, and hike to a waterfall the next. There is so much variety, you will want to stay forever to be able to check everything off your list. Before you take off, make sure to pack a comfortable swimsuit and sunblock!

Billings, MT

6 Must-See Places in the U.S. For Outdoor Adventures
(Photo : 6 Must-See Places in the U.S. For Outdoor Adventures)

Billings is home to many outdoor adventures and it is close to other places with a lot to offer as well. You can hang out in Montana and see the scenic Rimrocks, go to the zoo, or visit Pictograph State Park. There are tons of adventures to go on in Billings, but one of the benefits is being close to National Parks and monuments. You would be less than three hours from Yellowstone National Park, which would give you more opportunities to camp, explore, see natural thermal pools, climb, hike, or even see some wildlife!

Lake Tahoe, CA

Lake Tahoe is right on the border of California and Nevada. It has cold as ice winters and warm, beautiful summers. Depending what time of year you go, you can experience winter sports at the nearby snow resorts, or you can partake summer sports out on the lake. Plus, there are quite a few campgrounds to be able to set your tent up at to really enjoy those outdoors you love so much!

Petersburg, FL

Florida has it all, from beaches and the Everglades, to theme parks and wildlife, and you can see them all in St. Petersburg! You can go on adventures by boat, Segway, helicopter, bike, see-through kayak, or even muscle car. There is no lack of outdoor fun to be had in Florida! Plus, it is an extremely affordable state, making this an ideal place to visit!

We hope wherever you go you find adventure, magic, and memories to last a lifetime! Happy traveling!