The beautiful beaches on east coast of the United States which reaches from the rocky charming Maine down to the tropical climate of Orlando offers a unique style and substance to rival the most famous west coast locations and beauty spots. Whether a stroll on the beach or just sight seeing its a clear situation that these beaches are a location worth the travel.

Cape May, New Jersey. Cape May is one of the oldest seaside resorts in America and offers a dose of Old American history to visitors all over the country and worldwide. With the vast beach, there is so much to see and do in Cape May. It's easy to find a great list of things to do in Cape May, NJ. You can do nature trails from the beach going to the lighthouse if you want to explore the area. If you're not into the sun, then you can stroll by and go shopping all over town.

Cumberland National Seashore, Georgia. As per Rough Guides, this virgin and undeveloped island is a destination like no other as its filled with wildlife. It also offers a lot of nature hoping wherein you can explore the whole island if you want to escape the crowd. When on an adventure it is recommended to bring supplies with you just for safety reasons and just to make sure you go your way hassle free. While roaming around you will surely see a number of wild horses from each side of the virgin sands, not only that but you will also see turkeys, deers and even alligators to be careful.

Menemsha beach, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. If you want to relax and just watch everything go slow then this is the place for you to go where you can watch fishing boats come into small village harbors and the beautiful scenic sunset and clear blue skies. Menemsha beach is most known at early evening as it is very stunning on that particular time. For sunsets this is the best area to go to. Bring a bottle of wine, whiskey or any drink to calm you down, a small picnic would do while waiting for the dusk to settle.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Myrtle Beach is of the East Coast's most visited vacation destinations. Its filled with summer activities for all ages from the sandy beaches, amusement parks and water parks, amazing restaurants that offer good food and drinks as well as live entertainment making it an overall vacation destination to both relax and enjoy. According to Travel Channel, this beach is an extensive stretch of silky white sand where you can also fish, sail and surf.

Nantucket, Massachusetts. Nantucket is like a land where you can find in fairytales. With the clear blue ocean and bay in the town of grey houses surrounded with beautiful wild roses is just a sight to be seen. Nantucket was known before as a whaling community but not its a beach everyone is welcome to see. Nantucket has one of the most calmest waters and stunning sandcastles. For more about the best beaches in the east coast stay tuned to Travelers Today.