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United Airlines controversy

United Airlines

United Airlines Caught Again In A Scandal: Agent 'Wrestled' Musician From Her 17th Century Violion

A violinist complained that an agent from United Airlines tried to take away her violin from her.


A Smartphone In Hand

Smartphone Video Camera And Social Media Empower Travelers Against Corporate Screw Ups

The traveling public is learning that a smartphone's video camera and social media can always be relied on when corporate companies become abusive.


American Airlines carrier on New York Aerial Views

American Airlines Crying Woman Now Working With Lawyer Representing United Airlines Passenger

The crying woman from the American Airlines incident has reached out to the same lawyer representing the United Airlines passenger.


Protest At O'Hare Airport's United Terminal Over Company's Forceful Removal Of Passenger

How The Airline Industry Thrives Despite Poor Customer Service

The United Airlines fiasco shed light on how the airline industry has gone on for far too long without paying attention to its customer service.



Emirates Joined The Trolling Bandwagon Aimed At United Airlines

Emirates released a 34-second clip clearly aimed to mock United.


Emirates First Class

Emirates Named By TripAdvisor As #1 Airline In The World

TripAdvisor awarded Emirates the best airline in the world.


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