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Travel Company April Fool's Jokes We Secretly Wish Were Real

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Apr 04, 2017 06:56 AM EDT

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Throughout the world, small to huge enterprises engaged their customers on April 1 with an absurd proposition to make them laugh, see that people behind the business have personalities or as a promotional stunt. Whichever the motivations were behind these five corporate April Fool's jokes, the world would rejoice if they were truly real.

The majority of working individuals worldwide feel they are abandoning their pets when they leave for work. Caring for their little furry babies as they would real human babies, they wish their pets have a great company, or at least have someone who could take care of them without extra cost. This is why everyone wished Amazon's Petlexa, a wordplay on its Alexa assistant from Amazon Echo, as real; it would allow the Echo to understand the whims and needs of their furry babies while they are away.

Employers would have loved to have Quilted Northern's wearable toilet data collecting device. A play on modern fitness monitor devices, CNN describes it as a device that allows users to set and realize their "personalized sitting goals," namely on the toilet. Employers who wish to track their employee's toilet frequencies for maximum efficiency would love this (if they were this cruel to employees).

Emirates probably pulled one truly elaborate April Fool's joke with their design of an upcoming flying cruise ship design they would integrate with their flying passenger transports. The concept design is astounding. Many would wish it to be real because cruise ships have swimming pools, game rooms, gyms and activity rooms. Doing all this during a flight is just awesome -- alas, the world has yet the technology to develop the concept.

IKEA had tried to up its game against Emirates, which is an unlikely rival for April Fools. Taking on the entire airline industry, FLIKEA, as the company calls its new business concept, will "take it to the skies" as a low-cost airline. According to Travel Pulse, FLIKEA is set to release in 2019 but everyone wishes it was real because it will be designed with IKEA's interior principles.

Blue Origin is probably the winner of the best April Fool's prank many wish were real. According to the company, it has a complete blueprint for a hotel opening in the Trappist-1 System. The new galaxy was discovered the previous month and had almost a dozen planets possibly capable of sustaining human life. Even if it is hilarious, it is likely everyone is willing to pay for 7,983,475,984 hidden fees just to see this project come to fruition.

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