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Five Great Destinations For Healthcare Travel

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Mar 11, 2017 05:22 AM EST

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Citizens of a certain country are not the only beneficiaries of good healthcare. The industry itself is an invite to other nations to use their superior and possibly affordable medical practices and technologies especially for retirees. For 2017, here are five of the best countries with amazing healthcare. 

Costa Rica is a country more known for its amazing summer spots and great people but is lesser known for its budding medical tourism industry. According to CNBC, Costa Rica enjoys the visit of 40,000 American patients for all kinds of treatment, specifically high-risk operations including surgeries. Expats are allowed access to the two healthcare systems available once they are qualified for Costa Rican residency.

Malaysia's costs are going down for American and European patients looking for cheaper healthcare due to their stronger currency and Malaysia's competitive medical market. Malaysian hospitals employ only professional and top-notch medical professionals trained in other countries. As an English-speaking country, Malaysia is accessible for Western patients in need of quality healthcare.

Australia is a bit far away to receive healthcare but time and money invested in Australian medical professionals do not go to waste. In the world, their health system ranks seven and it is sixth in the overall ranking for best healthcare among US News' top 10 healthcare systems in the world. Though a bit expensive, it is superior overall to most competitors worldwide.

Germany's medical tourism is second to Australia but its inferiority is solely metrics. The strong European nation boasts superior medical technologies used for delicate procedures -- most of them manufactured in the country itself. While Russian clients have gone down in recent years, most European nations still consider Germany as top -- even making number one in US News' Best Countries Overall Rank.

Dubai had recently made strides in its medical tourism field, topping competitors and attracting more customers. According to Khaleej Times, Dubai attributes its bariatric surgeries -- which deals with weight loss medical methods -- as a huge selling point for its medical services worldwide. Dubai's medical technologies and facilities are reportedly improving, with the Dubai Health Authority focused on providing world-class medical services.

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