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Instagram Update: App Now Notifes Users Taking Screenshot Of Private Disappearing Videos and Photos

Travelers Today       By    JDyan Ordonez

Updated: Nov 30, 2016 06:30 PM EST

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Instagram users a.k.a. 'Instagrammers' are quite apprehensive after reports that the app will disclose to users and would be notified if they take screenshots. While the story seems to be true, but specifically screenshot alerts only occur from stories sent through Instagram Direct. When Instagrammers say 'stories'', it talks about the Instagram's 24-hour version of Snapchat. This is where the videos, photos and Boomerang clips can be posted on their Instagram accounts and will disappear after a day.

According to The Verge, the photography platform will notify users when someone has taken a screenshot, but only if the video or photo is a temporary direct message sent through Instagram Direct. The famous platform allows users to send private temporary messages and will automatically disappear after being viewed. So if someone will take a screenshot of the usual photos being posted in Instagram by an account user, the latter will not know. However, if someone will screenshot a temporary photo his/her friend has sent directly, then definitely the account owner will be alerted of the same.

Meanwhile, Digital Trends also reported that, seemingly, Instagram borrowed another feature from Snapchat as a product of necessity. Snapchat is one of its rivals on visual media app and they have been long time using screenshot alerts. However, since both social media platforms are looking after the privacy of their users, the screenshot notification has been a must to allow users to feel safe on sharing ephemeral contents on their apps.

In addition to this, reports also suggest that the move initially caused a bit of a stir when it was first discovered by some social media users, subsequently, being on the impression that Instagram would tell you when someone took a screenshot of your public content. After reports that Instagram clarified what was targeted in the screenshot notification, Instagram users seems to be pacified afterwards.

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